2014 Padded Tush Stats Diaper Awards Ballot

2014 Padded Tush Stats Diaper Awards

Voting is now open for the 2014 Diaper Awards, and will remain open until 11:59pm PST on January 18. Voting Policies and Procedures Only one ballot can be completed per household. Companies are not allowed to vote for their own products/companies. Only products that are currently in production (i.e., have not been discontinued by the manufacturer) are eligible for votes. Please ensure that you use the full and correct name of any product that you write in. Programs and procedures are in place to eliminate […]

The 2014 Padded Tush Stats Diaper Awards Are On Their Way!

2014 Padded Tush Stats Diaper Awards

After much hemming and hawing over if I’d even be able to pull off the Diaper Awards this year (so much work to do and I’M ALL BY MYSELF for the first time! ACK!) I decided to give it a shot! I received too much positive feedback from companies and readers to let the event slide for a year, so I’ve had to scale back in a few areas but here are the important dates and information for the 2014 Padded Tush Stats Diaper Awards! […]

Help Provide Cloth Diapers To Those In Need – The Rebecca Foundation’s Fluffsgiving Event

TRFCDC Fluffsgiving Graphic v2.0

The Rebecca Foundation’s Cloth Diaper Closet is a cloth diaper lending library that loans diapers (completely free of charge) to families in the US and serving overseas in the military. While they provide services year round, the holidays are a time to kick things up a notch and try to help families in an extra special way. For their second annual Fluffsgiving Event, you can help pay it forward (or “Fluff It Forward”!) by nominating a deserving family who would benefit from a prize package of brand […]

December Fluffy Favorites Giveaway! $25 Gift Card – Ends 12/31/14

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It’s a new month, which means a new chance to highlight our amazing site sponsors! Sponsors bring you amazing giveaways but also help cover the costs of running the site, so it’s important to us that everyone recognize their indirect contributions to your favorite content Hence, our Fluffy Favorites Giveaway! The entry options for this giveaway pertain to our current sponsors – if you win this giveaway you will receive a $25 gift card to whoever the company or retailer the winning entry option was […]

PTS Cyber Monday Cloth Diaper Sales List

The Padded Tush Stats Searcheable Black Friday Cloth Diaper Sales Database

*** This post may contain affiliate links. *** For the ability to search and filter the following information, you may prefer to visit our Searchable Black Friday Cloth Diaper Sales Database, which has the exact same information (simply in a different format!) Cyber Monday Cloth Diaper Sales