SoftBums Echo Statistical Review

Updated April 17, 2014 
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Softbums Review

In this post, we’ll walk you through the features of the SoftBums Echo cloth diaper and show you what the 72 survey responses had to say about the diaper when they filled out the All in Two Cloth Diapers Survey.

All in Two

This diaper is an All In Two, which means that there is a waterproof cover or “shell” into which you place an insert. When the insert is soiled, you remove it from the cover and replace it with a clean one. The cover can be reused multiple times (generally until it is soiled). SoftBums inserts snap into the cover in the back of the diaper, which helps hold them in place.



One Size


This is a one-size-fits all diaper, which means it is meant to fit the baby from birth to potty training. The sizing is controlled by elastic inside of the diaper. There is a toggle (similar to something you might use on a jacket) that allows you to adjust the sizing. It is referred to as their patented “Slide to Size” design.


You can access the toggle using the small flap at the front of the diaper.


This then adjusts the leg size to make for a smaller (or larger) fit.


Tara’s Tip: When I was cloth diapering two at once, I found that I was adjusting the sizing quite often. I found that I could easily pinch the toggle through the diaper for quick sizing adjustments.


The cover is made out of a waterproof PUL & comes in 6 solid colors. In addition, SoftBums releases a new, limited edition color/print each month as part of their “Calendar Bums” series.

The inside of the cover is lined with polyester microfleece.

The design of the Echo is different from their other version, the Omni, in that it is more narrow and doesn’t container a pocket.



The Echo is sold in both hook and loop and snap closures. Both closure options allow for a snug fit on tiny waists by featuring crossover tabs/snaps.

The hook and loop closure (not photographed) is a wide waistband that is meant to fit high on the waist (instead of low-slung underneath the belly). It also has laundry tabs to keep the hook and loop from snagging other diapers or attaching to itself in the washing machine.

The snap closure has two snaps on each wing in a horizontal line (as opposed to having a top row of snaps to adjust the waist and a bottom row of snaps to adjust the legs).




There are multiple insert options:


  • Small Bamboo Mini (to be used for smaller babies or as a booster)
  • One Size Bamboo Super Pod – 3 layers of a 70% bamboo/30% cotton blend (The One-Size Bamboo insert photographed below has been discontinued and does not show the adjustable sizing options of the newer SUPER pods. However, it does show the contouring of the pod, which provides greater coverage in the back of the shell and tapers to a narrower fit between the legs.)


This insert has 3 size settings on it. You simply fold it down and snap in place on the size setting that works best for the baby (for an added boost in absorbency, the Mini pod can be snapped onto this)

  • Large Bamboo – 3 layers of a a 70% bamboo/30% cotton blend (ideal for larger babies)

Stay Dry

The stay dry inserts are intended to wick moisture away from the baby’s bum, which prevents the baby from feeling wetness as much and also helps prevent rashes

Note: The features of these are the same as the Bamboo versions. The only difference is the fabric:

  • Small Dry Touch – 4 layers of microfiber terry and 1 layer of fleece
  • One Size Dry Touch Super Pod


  • Large Dry Touch – 4 layers of microfiber terry and 1 layer of fleece

Disposable Inserts

  • H-Pods Disposable Inserts – made from bamboo viscose. These work similarly to a disposable diaper, only you dispose of the insert and re-use the shell. 1 insert is recommended for newborn/light wetters and 2 is recommended for heavier wetters.

Statistical Comparisons

When comparing diaper performance with all other All in Two cloth diapers, the SoftBums Echo performed significantly above average, especially in fit and as a diaper that someone could recommend to a friend.

Softbums Echo Review


The diaper performed very well on Chunky Babies, with a score of 88%. It did not seem to perform as well for Rash-Prone babies; however that score is still relatively high for an All in Two. The exceptionally high scores in fit were strong, regardless of the baby’s build.

Softbums Echo

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Absorbency Comparisons

Because there are so many different inserts for the diaper, we separated out the statistics for 2 of the pods: the One Size Dry Touch Super Pod and the One Size Bamboo Pod (the two which had the most survey responses).

  • Daytime absorbency for the One Size Bamboo Pod was 89% and 87% for the One Size Dry Touch Super Pod (it was 83% for all All in Two diapers).
  • Nighttime absorbency  was 53% for the Bamboo Pod and 66% for the One Size Dry Touch Super Pod (average night scores of all night diapers is 52%).

Performance Based on Weight

Softbums Echo Review

Click Table to Enlarge

The diaper performed best on smaller babies at 85% (85% or higher is considered a great score at Padded Tush Stats). Overall fit was best in the mid-range of 11-21 pounds. One surprising finding was that the trimness of the diaper was relatively high, whether it be on a newborn diaper or a baby over 30 pounds.

Note: Summary averages in both tables will differ slightly for “Everyone” due to fewer respondents indicating weight range. For statistics on All Baby Types, please see the first table.

SoftBums Echo All In Two Cloth Diaper On 28 Pound Baby - Side View

SoftBums Echo on 11-month, 28-pound baby. 


SoftBums Echo on 5-week, 8.5-pound baby. 

Comments From Survey Respondents

Below we have included comments from survey respondents. While we are open to posting criticisms of products in our reviews, we remove any comments that we feel are more hurtful than critical. We also make minor edits to grammatical errors–otherwise all comments are left completely in tact. If a word needed to be clarified, we used brackets [such as these] to denote the change.

General Comments

Love it!!!”

I LOVE this diaper… I only have 1 that I won and I want to get more. I love that you can just switch out the pods and that they pods have the stay dry on them! We like stay dry better!”

I absolutely love these. One of the only OS [one size diapers] that is small enough for a newborn. Trimmest I have found. Love the different options for inserts. Hold up well.”

This is my favorite diaper, love it.”

We love this diaper! I use it for both my kids.”

This diaper fits really well on my skinny 3-year-old (for night-time) and my chunky 17-month-old. We really like it.”

We absolutely love our SoftBums diapers!! The covers are more trim with their smaller inserts. I prefer the large bamboo pods for home and naps.”

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this diaper!”

The inserts and elastic in these diapers did not last. I was very disappointed in them.”

The one true, one size diaper IMO! I do like mine, but then again, they’re not what I reach for unless I’m running low on clean diapers. So they’re so so to me.”

User friendly. Even daddy loves this diaper. We currently are using velcro tabs, although 4 snaps are on the way! Pods snap in, so it stays together and in place. Elastic legs are adjustable, and once you get it, you get it. Velcro works so easy. Great trim fit even if stuffed. Colors and prints are fun. Awesome quality. Laundry tabs for velcro. Only downside with the velcro is baby likes to take her diaper off. Customer service is outstanding. Through phone and email. Quick responses and tons of info. Although shipping is a negative, if you want your diapers quick, they mail next day! This is our main diaper. I am waiting for the new large bamboo pods to see if they will work better for nights. I can say that the micro terrys wicked at the legs and waist. But my daughter slept thru and her bedding was still dry. It may have been user error it took me a bit to figure out the leg elastic. With other diapers I have that do not leak at night she woke up uncomfortable from the wetness.”


Softbums Echo are my go to daytime diaper, I love how they fit and are not to bulky.”

We’ve been using our Softbums for 2 years now. Some diapers I’ve had to retire due to delamination of the PUL or the elastic wearing out. I would say about 20% of our diapers wore out in 2 years. BUT we live in Minnesota and don’t have the ability to line-dry in the winter so we are hard on our diapers. I’m so thrilled with Softbums. My husband loves them, my mom loves them, and daycare digs them! Oh, and so does my son:)”


Delamination is always due to using harsh chemicals, or vinegar, and will cause all PUL Diapers to delaminate, not just SoftBums.  Please read our FAQ page to find safe detergents for SoftBums so you don’t delaminate your other diapers!


I love the adjustability of this diaper, however with 100+ ways it can be adjusted, there are also 100+ ways you can get it wrong, it also seems like every time I get it perfect my little one grows and I am back to square one. With 20 covers it is a lot of adjusting. I also find that it does leave red marks, if I loosen it up to not leave red marks the legs leak. However even disposables leave red marks on my little guy and if he lays in the same position too long his clothes also leave marks so I think he is just really sensitive, but I thought it was worth noting.”


If you learn to adjust the Shells on the OUTSIDE, by pinching the toggle through the fabric, it’s sooooo quick and easy to get them adjusted!  Watch the video on our site!

The crotch of this diaper is very narrow so it is sometimes hard to get it on properly with a squirmy baby. The narrow crotch also makes it hard to use with any other inserts besides Softbums ones and makes it hard to double up for nighttime. Softbums are the only OS diaper that has *actually* fit from birth, and we are now at about 25 lbs, 1 year old. I also like that the PUL is not touching the skin, [especially] in the humid summer heat.”


The narrow crotch is the Hallmark of the SoftBums amazing Fit!!  This is what give it such a trim fit under clothes!  If you are having troubles, you probably have the size set too small, so I’d suggest lengthening the legs out quite a bit.  Enough so that your front Velcro tabs touch or cross over on a small baby. 

It takes a little bit of practice to get the leg elastic adjusted to the right size but once you get the hang of it you’re good to go :)”

Really like it. So easy to use. Learning curve on adjusting to fit though.”

“The fit takes a couple times to get but after that it’s really easy!”

I love that I can use this diaper on my toddler and also for my newborn due in a few months. You can get the EXACT fit you need with the leg elastic adjustments. Their inserts are easy to use and super soft! Why didn’t I discover this diaper sooner?!”

I like the slide to size, but see how it could be intimidating for some. I have the hook and loop closure, and find it easy to use. The one size pods that I have seem a little bulky and I would like to try the large. This is a pretty expensive diaper for just the shell since the pods are separate. Most of the time I use this diaper as a one and done since the shell is not wipeable.”


We recommend airing out your shells between uses.  This gives it time to air out just enough before you go to change baby again. If baby poop, obviously you’ll want to throw the shell and POD into the wetbag. Newborns you can rotate between 4-5 shells all day, and older babies you can rotate between 2-3 shells.  At the end of the day collect all the shells and put them in your wetbag.

I also found adjusting to find the right fit took a lot of trial and error.”

Liked by Skeptics/Daycare

This is my husband’s favorite diaper!! Love the adjustable elastic.”

My hubby insisted from the start that he would NOT be using cloth diapers, and that when he put a diaper on them it would be a disposable. These diapers have changed his mind. Not only does he LOVE them, he even took them to work to show off to the other guys and brag about how much cheaper they are. I’m surprised to find that our family members volunteer to change the babies (we have twins) when they come over because they think the diapers are cool. They are also the only diaper I have ever used that haven’t resulted in blowouts of EBF poopies. I’ve been happy with these from when our little guys were just over 5lbs to now that they are over 20lbs.”

Although my husband loves the easy of the Softbums cover, he just couldn’t figure out how to fold the insert so only the fleece touched baby’s bum. We also found that the absorbency of the stay-dry insert just didn’t meet our needs.”

They are so easy! I had several friends/family that said they would never use my cloth while they watched him and when I showed them Softbums they loved them! They all pick out their favorite shell and take pictures of him in them!”

Not sure that this is the easiest for daycare, because 1) they usually won’t reuse the cover (not that you have to, but its a perk of the diaper that you can), and 2) if using the super dry touch pod, like we do, you would have to explain about tucking it under, and which way to do so. I prefer the true AIO’s since they have enough to think about without cloth diaper details.”

Easy for dad and grandparents to use”


Before going into comments from customers about leaks in the PUL, I wanted to share some of this information from the company:

“SoftBums rigorously tests all of the PUL it uses on our diapers for strength and waterproofness.  We have never had an issue with delamination, and if we did, we would announce it and recall all the diapers from that batch immediately!  We stand behind our products and have an amazing reputation and warranty because we want our babies in cloth 100% and our parents happy!”

You can visit the Softbums FAQ page for information on how to care for the diaper.

“I should mention that my son seemed to need more absorbency than the bamboo provided about the time he turned 2 – the diaper didn’t leak but the cover would get damp and need to be washed more frequently.”


Most older toddlers are very heavy wetters, but only go through 8 or fewer diapers a day.  Therefore parents of toddlers usually use them as an aio at that age, and if they do rotate shells, use a mini (doubler) to provide more absorbency.

One thing I dislike about this diaper is it seems anytime my daughter poops, it leaks. She’s still in the newborn breastfed very very loose stools but I wouldn’t think that it should leak!”


Newborns with very runny EBF poo benefit from very frequent changes.  The poo can creep into the seams of the legs and you’d see this in any brand of cloth diaper, not just SoftBums, or if it was a disposable, you’d probably be getting many blowouts.

“Lately the PUL has been leaking”


This can probably be solved by a simple solution! We are happy to help! We have never truly seen a SoftBums diaper leak out of the PUL unless it has been destroyed by improper use, or there are actual holes. SoftBums rigorously tests all of the PUL it uses on our diapers for strength and waterproofness.  We have never had an issue with delamination.  If the diaper is leaking there are a number of reasons that can cause this including just detergent build-up, or even the use of SOFTENERS on your other clothes building up in your washer and making your diapers leak.  Please visit our FAQ section for help!!

“I use the super dry touch pods for overnight”

“The nighttime pod doesn’t fit well in the echo shell, and I sometimes get leaks. I also have to add a hemp insert to keep leaks at bay at night. I like the easy slide to size, however this diaper is a little too trim between the legs to accommodate the nighttime pod. I also don’t like that the inside fleece rolls outside when the diaper is on–it leads to wetness on the outside.”


Although some people make it work anyway, Echo shells aren’t really made for night-time with a TON of inserts or pods.  If you’d like to use SoftBums at night, try our SoftBums OMNI pocket/AI2.

I love this diaper most of the time but if my baby is in the car seat for more than an hour and a half then I get some leaking out the top and at the legs. I have tried using the bamboo Softbums [pods] but still get leaking. Perhaps I will figure out a way to reduce leaking with more practice.”


Sounds like you need more absorbency, try adding a mini and it should work perfectly!


I don’t know how these diapers work for others, because the Super Dry touch pod is too huge for the Echo shell. It’s super long and wide, and the shell is very, very trim. You have to fold the pod over in the front, which makes it even bulkier and I get horrible leaks at night. Sometimes adding a hemp or bamboo doubler under the pod will offset the leaking but this adds bulk. Also the velcro came undone on it’s own at night and I had a big mess. The diaper curls at the edges and causes leaks also. Seems to work ok with just the the regular dry touch pods, but I don’t recommend the Super Nighttime pods.”


Thank you for your comment. The “Super nighttime pods” are discontinued.  I’d try one of the new Super DryTouch or Bamboo Pods which are much trimmer with an attached mini for extra absorbency. They also have a SNAP DOWN rise, so no folding and they are awesome!  You should try one!  If you want an even trimmer fit, the Large DryTouch or Large Bamboo is great too!


Expensive, but with a catch- we wash the cover when it’s dirty, but for wet diapers, we can alternate between about 4 covers each day, letting them dry in between uses (so we use about 6 covers total each day). We have 12 covers and 24 one-size pods (my ideal amount would be 36 total pods) and we wash every day at the 3 months old. These were great once she hit about 7 pounds and I am sure they will last her through her potty training. We have tried others brands, but these are hands down the best diapers for fit, ease, and keeping her rash free. My initially cloth-diaper shy husband loves them so much and can’t say enough about them to everyone.”

Excellent resale value!!”

One of my favorite diapers! I love the limited edition “Calendar Bum” prints. These diapers are durable and hold their value very well!”

I love our Softbums, but they can get a bit pricey. I prefer the Omni to the Echo. The echo is narrower in the crotch for a more trim fit, but a little more difficult to get the inserts to stay inside.”


The crotch is narrow on purpose for a super trim fit!  Here’s a tip on getting the Pods inside.  Once you put the diaper on baby, tuck the pod in after it’s on, not before.  Also, if you upgrade to the NEW snap-down rise PODS, they are waaaay easier to fit in the shell!

The Echo shell is $21.95. Pods range in price from $2.95 (for a Small Dry Touch Mini Pod) to $15.95 (for a One-Size Bamboo SUPER Pod).

SoftBums shells are made in the USA.

You can read Carolyn’s Review of the SoftBums Echo as a newborn diaper here.

Where To Buy
You can see who carries this diaper by typing in “SoftBums” at the Cloth Diaper Retailer Database ( You can compare retailers based on shipping costs, location, and even specials they have going on. Many of them even post exclusive discounts for Padded Tush Stats followers. If you buy from those with an asterisk (***) next to their name, a portion of your purchase goes towards supporting this site, so thank you in advance!

Have You Tried This Diaper?
If you have tried this diaper (or any other All In Twos!) please head on over to our All In Two/Hybrid Diapers Survey page and take a quick, 2-minute survey on how this diaper worked for you. Survey responses go towards detailed statistical reviews. Users can also compare statistics on All In Two/Hybrid Diapers by going here.


  1. Laura P says

    Thanks for this review – I have 3 echos at home and am hoping to use them starting at newborn age – hopefully they will grow with baby. The comments will be very helpful to me using them most effectively. I think I’m going to buy some bamboo inserts… I don’t have any of those yet, and I was impressed with the comments section.

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    Thank you for posting that video! This is our newest diaper and I didn't even realize that you could unsnap the insert and reuse the diaper. LOL! I feel like a big dork!


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