Master Flat Fold Table

I am having so much fun trying out new flat folds. How about you? I was hoping I could get your help on this project I am working on. Here is a list of folds I have found with tutorials.

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 9.45.53 AM

If there are more flat fold tutorials that you know about for a different fold, let me know. I am hoping this will turn into a very helpful table for flat addicts. Happy folding!

(If you see a correction I need to make in # layers or where maximum layers is located, let me know).

Diaper Fold # of layers* Where maximum # of layers is located Score
Diaper Bag Fold 12 Front
Origami Fold 8 Same throughout
Kite Fold 4 Front
Pad Fold 12 Same throughout
Airplane Fold 16 Front
Bat Fold 8 Same throughout
Maria’s fold for boys 6 Front
Neat Fold 4 Same throughout
Jo’s Fold 6 Same throughout
Gaynor’s Fold for Girls 9 Middle
Twist Fold 6 Middle
Roll Fold 8 Front
Corners Fold 5 Front
Triangle Fold 2 Same throughout
V Fold 6 Middle


* In the videos for many of these a very large flat was used and folded into fours. From what I understand, a lot of the flats we have sold in the US are smaller, which means we could probably fold each side in by about a few inches and that would give extra layers, but overall the number of layers would be fewer than that shown in the video.



  1. Jessica Johnson-Gammon says

    Is there, somewhere, a similar list that’s pictorial instructions instead of videos? My poor old abused laptop won’t play video…

    • says

      Not on our site, no (though I know another blogger is working on something like that, so it’s funny that you asked!) But I think flat folds are one of those topics that there have been LOTS of posts about on LOTS of sites, so if you do some Googling I think you’d easily find some non-video tutorials. Sorry we don’t have one, but good luck! :)

  2. palooka says

    The one thing I wish this table included: Fastener type and placement

    Some of these folds really won’t work with anything except a pin, or they work with a pin or snappi but not a boingo, others work with a pin or boingo on each side or a snappi in the middle, etc.

  3. Jenn says

    Do you have a chart like this but with diagrams of each of the steps in each (or most) folds? Something printable that could be used on the go?

  4. Danielle says

    Could you add which folds are better for which size ranges? I just recently discovered flats and fell in love! I just read your post about how you would do prefolds if you could do it all over again and I totally understand! I would probably do flats and prefolds if I had to do it again. I would miss my itti bitti prints though :)

  5. Christina says

    Love the table! Here's a possible correction – it looks to me like there are only 12 layers max in the diaper bag fold, since it's basically 4 layers trifolded in the front, unless I'm missing something? Can't wait to try out the other folds you listed!

  6. says

    I'm new to flats but I thought I'd heard that the Bat fold and Origami fold are the same thing.

    I am so excited about your putting this together. I'm hoping to have flats be my main daytime diaper and I have so much to learn. I'm hoping there are some good girl folds too… that is w/o having to add a doubler. =)


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