Master Flat Fold Table

I am having so much fun trying out new flat folds. How about you? I was hoping I could get your help on this project I am working on. Here is a list of folds I have found with tutorials.

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 9.45.53 AM

If there are more flat fold tutorials that you know about for a different fold, let me know. I am hoping this will turn into a very helpful table for flat addicts. Happy folding!

(If you see a correction I need to make in # layers or where maximum layers is located, let me know).

Diaper Fold # of layers* Where maximum # of layers is located Score
Diaper Bag Fold 12 Front
Origami Fold 8 Same throughout
Kite Fold 4 Front
Pad Fold 12 Same throughout
Airplane Fold 16 Front
Bat Fold 8 Same throughout
Maria’s fold for boys 6 Front
Neat Fold 4 Same throughout
Jo’s Fold 6 Same throughout
Gaynor’s Fold for Girls 9 Middle
Twist Fold 6 Middle
Roll Fold 8 Front
Corners Fold 5 Front
Triangle Fold 2 Same throughout
V Fold 6 Middle


* In the videos for many of these a very large flat was used and folded into fours. From what I understand, a lot of the flats we have sold in the US are smaller, which means we could probably fold each side in by about a few inches and that would give extra layers, but overall the number of layers would be fewer than that shown in the video.


Tara Porter

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