Padded Tush Stats 2011 Diaper Awards – Voting is NOW OPEN

I am excited to announce that voting is now open for the Padded Tush Stats 2011 Diaper Awards. Please fill out the form below to vote for your favorite diaper, retailer, cloth diaper resource, and cloth diaper accessory of the year.

There will be 8 winners:

(1) Diaper of the Year, (2) Diaper of the Year for Chunky Babies, (3) Diaper of the Year for Skinny Babies, (4) Diaper of the Year for Rash-Prone Babies, (5) Diaper of the Year for Heavy Wetters, (6) Diaper Accessory of the Year, (7) Cloth Diaper Resource of the Year, and (8) Cloth Diaper Retailer of the Year.

Rules (please read):

(a) Only ONE vote per person (b) You may only vote  if you have diapered your baby this last year (see rule “c” for one minor exception) (c) People who are expecting a baby may still vote for the Cloth Diaper Resource and Cloth Diaper Retailer of the year, but not the Diaper or Accessory (since they haven’t had a chance to try it) (d) Nominees are welcome to encourage followers to vote and may vote for categories other than those they are nominated in, but nominees or employees of a nominee’s company may not vote for their company (e) You must be 18 years or older to vote (f) You must provide a Email and a secondary form of online identification for verification purposes–votes without those two items will not be considered. You can Padded Tush Stats on Facebook as one method (this is the preferred method, as it is easier for me to verify). Feel free to “Unlike” after the voting closes and winners are selected (or stay!). Facebook is no way associated with this promotion. (g) Winners will be selected based on total number of votes (h) Ballot is based on nominations collected at Padded Tush Stats in the month of October–no additional nominations will be considered.

Voting closes December 15 at 11:59PST. Happy Voting!

Tara Porter

Tara Porter

Tara Porter began using cloth diapers in 2011 when she felt that using disposable diapers was costing too much money. The problem was, a lot of the highly recommended diapers weren’t working for her baby. What she finally discovered was that her baby was skinny and a heavy wetter, and that diapers worked differently for those baby types. Because of her professional work with survey design and statistics, she designed Padded Tush Stats as a way to determine how different cloth diapers worked on different babies.

Tara moved on to other career endeavors in 2014 but can still be found online blogging about health and fitness at Fit Baby Steps.
Tara Porter


  1. says

    Could it be that we were nominated and there is a typo in our name? “Sprout Soap” is listed, and we’re “Sprout Soup.” 😉 The only thing I know of similar to what you have is “Eco Sprout Soap” and I don’t think they would be considered a retailer. 😉

    • Tara says

      Yes, oh I am so sorry. Just fixed it and notified followers to see if they need to change the vote. So…..congrats on the nomination!

  2. says

    Hi, I am apart of The Cloth Diaper channel, and I and Jordan Lee voted in the Tush awards, and we just saw that you can’t vote if you are apart of the group, site etc. Can you please remove our votes, I am truly sorry. Honest mistake. THANKS

    Britney Shrewsbury

    • Tara says

      Sure thing! I deleted your vote for the Cloth Diaper Channel, but kept your vote for the other things. Congrats on the nomination!

  3. says

    Maybe you can have a place to write in a business, like when voting for elections. I can see what Lisa is saying. There are so many wonderful WAHM artisan manufacturers and businesses small and large that aren’t on this list, but many would like to vote for, I’m sure. Just a thought to making it a more trusted process. Or not just base it off of nominations, but using all the various directories (RDIA, RDA, Diaper Swappers, Diaper Pin, Great Cloth Diaper Change sites, etc.) to get the hundreds of cloth diaper businesses transferred to this list.

    • Tara says

      Thanks for the tip. I will think about it! What’s tough is how to tabulate responses when written many different ways. Does that make sense? The people who are on this list weren’t listed by me, but were nominated. My guess is that since nominations were open for a month–if no one nominated for them, perhaps they wouldn’t have gotten enough votes anyway? I am not sure. I don’t know how this would necessarily be an “untrusted” process since I made everything very public and took all nominations and posted all over the place, does that make sense? Plus I also want these awards to not just be about who WINS, but who is nominated…..can you think of a way I can do it to where I am acknowledging who is nominated? It’s so tough, I really want to include everyone, but I also want to spotlight the companies that really impressed people. But I would love to re-consider how to do this next year, so I warmly welcome your suggestions. Maybe next year I can list everyone that I can, and then halfway through the voting acknowledge nominees? I don’t know. It’s just that with the Red Carpet Event coming up, I am acknowledging all nominees, not just the winners. This is so tough! This is the first year, hopefully I work out the kinks :) I really appreciate your feedback!

    • Tara says

      I wonder if next year I do an “early nominations list” or something, where people nominate people (and that is considered my official list of nominees so I have something to type that is a little more fair than listing everything in the RDIA/Diaper Pin/etc listings – since I can’t type everyone), but then still just have a blank to ensure people aren’t left out? Thoughts? (I assume it is too late to have a blank now, right?)

  4. says

    Sad to see that Rocky Mountain diapers aren’t listed, OR Nurtured as a resource/retailer.
    Great idea for an information gathering blog!

  5. Lisa N says

    Wow, I cant believe I missed nominations for this. Almost all of the best retailers and WAHM diaper makers were left off the lists. :(

    • Tara says

      Definitely pay attention next year! I am surprised people missed it, over a dozen websites were promoting it and I felt like I was nagging everywhere! :)

    • Tara says

      Hi Kay! I mostly just need a second form of verification, just to double check myself. I hate that I have to do this, but it is necessary (and fair to the nominees) to make it a little more difficult for multiple votes to come from one person. Facebook is just the easiest way to do that (in addition to email, which is the first form of verification). If you have some other way I can check, that is fine too (twitter? diaper swappers account?). Just let me know.

  6. Rebecca Roland says

    For Diaper of the Year… did you mean Glow Bug (not Glow Butt) one size diaper?? Cause they are my FAV!!!!

  7. Samantha Allen says

    I noticed for diaper of the year, Charlie Bananas were not an option, which would have gotten my first vote. But there were plenty of other great options on the list. Just letting you know. :)


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