Quick Tip – Rolling Up A Diaper To Contain Stink And Mess

WARNING: The contents of this post may make you feel like a total idiot!

Or, at least, that is how I felt when I learned about this little cloth diaper tip that has now revolutionized my cloth diapering experience.

Quick Tip - Rolling Up A Diaper To Contain Stink And Mess

It all started when I was doing a review for the Oh Katy One Size pocket diaper and there was a feature listed on the site called the “Wrap n’snap”. Based on the pictures, I thought it just meant you put the lowest snap setting up to the hip snaps and then closed the diaper as usual. It took a lot of extra work, but I just went “Um….OK” and went for it. For those of you who are long-time PTS followers, you may remember that complicated video. Then the owner of Oh Katy wrote me, informing me that it is actually more simple. Just roll up the diaper and then use the overlap snaps to close.

Are you kidding me? Why on EARTH had I not thought of that in my two years of cloth diapering?  You can do this with ANY diaper that has overlapping closures (either snap OR hook and loop).

For hook and loop closures, it can be done when there is the fuzz on the “back” of it (the part facing you).

On diapers with snap closures, it can be done when you see the snap sewn so it is facing towards you.

Here is how to do it:

1 – Roll up.

2 – Once you get to where you can’t roll up any more, bring over the side that has the overlap closure on it (that is the snap facing YOU).

3 – Then bring over the other side.

4 – And snap in place.

5 – Then stick it somewhere so you can procrastinate on spraying it out! (But don’t wait too long! You could get stains).

Here is how to do it with a hook and loop closure (pretty much the same).

Here is why I love this tip:

1) It decreases stink – I promise you, it does. It doesn’t make it ALL go away, but I have noticed a huge difference.  Consider it like “dutch oven farts“, but in a diaper.

2) It contains the poop. This is just a tidy way to keep the poop from getting everywhere (particularly if you’re putting a poopy diaper in a wet bag when you’re out of the house. This way when you get home and need to take the diapers out of the bag, you won’t get poop all over your hands!).

3) It looks neater as diapers wait to be sprayed. All right, here is where I am a little embarrassed to tell you about why I like this. You see, with two kids in diapers, I find that I can’t always spray out a diaper immediately. Normally I have to run after another, answer a phone call, write a colleague, or I even just have the odd struggle of keeping my littlest from trying to climbing onto the toilet while I am spraying. So they often lay on our bathroom counter and become a pretty spicy home fragrance for our house. But using this method is a little bit better on our noses and our eyes. It doesn’t look bad as they wait for me to get to them.

Disclaimer: These aren’t all poopy. I am just waiting for my wash to finish so I have a wet bag to put them in.

4) It’s a neat way to “store” diapers until a Wet Bag is done being washed.

5) If you are like me, and don’t really want to pull pee-soaked inserts out of a pocket diaper without gloves, this is a great way to put it off for a little bit until you can do a couple at once so you aren’t putting gloves on and off all day.

My next goal is to get a wet bag (yes, ANOTHER) so I can throw these in it and it can be zipped up and not on our counter. That way I can open the wet bag and tend to them every couple of hours.

Pretty smart, right? Or did you already know this? What are some tips you have learned that made you feel kind of  silly for not having figured out on your own?


  1. Melissa H says

    I do the same thing with poopy diapers!

    Also, instead of putting on gloves, you could try what I do to get the inserts out: hold the diaper inside the wet bag, and with your hand outside the wet bag using the wet bag kind of like a potholder, grab the insert, and shake the diaper off of it and into the wet bag. Then just drop the insert.

  2. erickajen says

    so totally true! i never wash them out right away. they usually all sit until laundry day, then i do them all at once. sure, stains happen. but i guess i just dont have time to do them individually…
    we have always done the wrap like this. :) we did it with disposables. thats how i figured it out. :) its so great when we’re on the go!

  3. Miss Glaser says

    I’ve been doing this for years now. I had to use sposies for a while with both children now, and I pride myself a little more than I should on the fact that with a sposie, I can roll that thing up so little and so tight, that the stinkiest stink can’t get out. I don’t like the stinkies in my house. Especially not the added stench from a dirty sposie diaper. ick. So I took that trick and applied it to my stinky cloth diapers too, or even when out and about and no trash can near and using disposable wipes, I’ll toss them into the diaper and roll them up in it like a sposie so that they aren’t just all loose in my wet bag. And once I get home it makes things easier to take care of. I think it also makes it easier to fit more diapers into your wet bag. In case that’s an issue for anybody?

  4. Leah Wedler says

    this looks like it would spread poop to the outer part of the cover when you are rolling it in. Is the outside covered in poop when you unroll it?

    • Miss Glaser says

      it certainly can. but you can also fold the diaper over it’s self and then roll it or fold it up towards the wings and use them to hold it all in place like that. then you don’t get poo on the outside of the diaper. it doesn’t hold the stinkies in the diaper as much that way then, but it keeps the poop off the outside of the diaper.

  5. Lissa says

    I’ve always done this heh. It does work really well. One tip I saw on a youtube video is instead of using the laundry tabs for your applix/velcro is instead to twist the tabs to the back of the diaper and fasten them together behind the diaper and wash them that way. The lady in the video says this works better; that they stick better then they do to the laundry tabs. Another thing I saw a lady do was to unsnap her snap ins before she put them in the wet bag, that way she wouldn’t have to unsnap them later to wash (might miss some or forget) I thought that was a good idea.

  6. Katherine Valenzuela says

    Lol I found myself thinking today…maybe I shouldn’t cloth diaper if i can’t handle it. I had four diapers stacked on the bathroom counter by 11am and I’m running out the door with my 8 month old twins late for lunch with a friend. I’m thinking ohh gosh the smell is gonna be great when we get home. Sooo glad I read this today :-) made me feel a little better.

    • Tara says

      Ha ha ha, I am totally feeling ya! I am kind of tempted to just hang a wet bag on my door and just reserve that for the rolled up ones and tend to them at the end of the day, just to help with trapping in stink. But I need another wet bag like I need another hole in the head. :)

  7. says

    Haha, poor Tara. Yes I figured this out all by myself when I first started using CDs – it’s just like rolling up a disposable. It’s how I always fold up dirty diapers when we are out & about.

    A tip from a friend that made me feel kinda silly: use plastic grocery bags as a wetbag in the car, diaper bag, or for emergencies. I know this isn’t the “green” eco-friendly thing to do, but it certainly is budget-friendly! (ie: free).

  8. Stacie says

    We’re just starting solids so although I have a sprayer (just go it installed 2 days ago, yay!) I haven’t had to deal with rinsing diapers yet so I liked this article. I hadn’t really given my process for rinsing the upcoming poopy diapers much thought yet but now I have an idea of how I might handle it. I imagine that if I couldn’t get to the diaper right away I would’ve ended up just folding it half and leaving it on the counter, lol!

    • Tara says

      Dang it, I was kind of hoping that this post would make me feel less stupid. I had this vision that a mass of people would come forward saying, “Oh my gosh Tara, I had NEVER thought of that. You just changed my life.” But alas, I am alone in this…

  9. says

    I have a red bucket that I keep by the changing table, and we call it the “poop bucket” – poopy diapers get put there and then I take them to be sprayed off in the bathroom (where I have a separate wet bag so I don’t have to carry the wet diaper BACK to the pail in the baby’s room!) I am usually able to spray them off right after I change the baby, but if I’m gone, it gives my hubby or babysitter a place to put them! (We don’t have any counter space by the changing table, and I doubt my sister would appreciate poopy diapers on the counter of her bathroom!) 😉


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