2011 Diaper Awards – Commercial Break

Are you guys having FUN?!

While you are waiting for the next post to go up, now is a GREAT time to see if you are up to date on all Padded Tush Stats surveys. Remember that I periodically draw a RANDOM survey respondent to win fluffy prizes, so it’s best not to procrastinate.  Just today I posted the Diaper Rash survey.

You can see what surveys you have filled out by going here.

And again, here is a list of the surveys. Did you have a retailer or diaper that you voted for for the awards? Fill out a survey to give them a good review!

Rate Cloth Diaper Retailers

All-in-One Diapers

All-in-Two/Hybrid Diapers


Fitted Diapers

Flats, Prefolds, and Contours

Pocket Diapers

Diaper Rash Survey

Washing Diapers Survey

Wet Bag/Pail Liner Survey

Inserts and Doublers Survey


  1. Kristina C. says

    My husband is deployed, baby is fast asleep, I needed something fun to do besides watching the ‘idiot box’ aka tv…
    Even if I don’t win, it was worth it to distract me for an hour and a half!!!

  2. Erica says

    Thanks so much for putting this on! I have enjoyed watching and getting to know a little more about different companies and their products! Thanks for all your hard work!!!

  3. Megan K. says

    Agrees with Heather! :) I’m glad there is someone out there putting in the effort to give these companies a little appreciation! :)

  4. Heather Craft says

    Thanks for all the hard work and entertainment for my husband this evening! LOL He thinks I’m nuts! But the idea is awesome!

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