gDiaper All in Two/Hybrid Cloth Diaper Statistical Review

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Padded Tush Stats recently released surveys for the gdiaper All in Two/Hybrid Cloth Diaper System. After numerous calls for survey respondents on social networking sites, blogs, and cloth diapering community forums, we received 38 responses.

In this post, I will go over the survey results for this diaper, discussing how different owners felt that this diaper performed on their babies. Results are sorted by baby type and by diaper functionality. But before we get into the stats, here is some information on the diaper:

* The covers are made with “gBreathe” technology that is intended to help promote airflow (and prevent rashes).

* The gPants come in five sizes:

  • Newborn – for brand new babies 6 – 10 lbs.
  • Small – for babies 8 – 14 lbs.
  • Medium – for babies 13 – 28 lbs.
  • Large – for babies 22 – 36 lbs.
  • Extra Large – for babies 34 + lbs.

* The cover is 92% cotton, 8% spandex

* What makes it an all in two is the waterproof lining on the inside that can snap in and out (or you can just wipe it down between changes and put in a new insert).

* You can chose from two different inserts for the diaper:

– “gRefills” – these are the disposable inserts. They are made of cellulose, fluff pulp and super absorber. They are 100% biodegradable. There are two sizes: one to fit in the newborn-small diapers, and the other to fit the medium – extra large sizes. You can actually flush this down the toilet by tearing along the dotted line, shaking out the inside, putting both in the toilet and giving it a quick stir, and then flush


– “gCloth” – these are the reusable inserts. They are made of 2 layers of microfleece (this touches the baby’s bum) and then 2 layers of hemp/cotton on the back. They come in two size options. Newborn/Small for the tiny gPants and small gPants, and Medium, large, and XLarge for medium, large, and XLarge  gPants.

– The diaper comes with a hook and loop closures that closes in the back. There are also laundry tabs so that you can secure down the closure and it won’t snag on other items in the wash.

* The diaper has a stretchy fabric on the legs to allow for a trim fit while still being gentle (although many respondents did indicate that their babies got red marks on their legs)

Now let’s check out the statistics on the diaper:

Main Findings

The diaper performed very well in being a trim diaper, but did not receive as high scores for absorbency, especially in its ability to serve as a night diaper. The diaper performed better on skinnier babies than on chunky babies. When comparing the overall score with the average score of all all in two/hybrid diapers, it is slightly lower (however, the diaper did perform above average in trimness). Many did have concerns with the diaper leaving red marks. Respondents were also very impressed with the fact that the inside of the cover is wipeable.



When we look at the fit on different baby types, we see here that the skinnier babies experienced the best fit with these diapers. The diaper did not have as good of a fit on chunkier babies.

The diaper received VERY high scores in trimness (I would have to agree, I have this diaper and the fit and trimness of it is fantastic). It seems as though as far as trimness is concerned, it is great, the absorbency just needs to be a bit better.


Pros: Quick drying, trim, inside of cover is wipeable, fit, cute colors/prints

Cons: difficult to put on, leaks, expensive, leaves red marks

Comments from survey respondents:

“Don’t really like the plastic snap in liner. Gave my baby a heat rash in the hot weather.”

“Always had leaks around the thigh with both cloth AND disposable inserts, could never get the diaper to fit well around stomach, seem to stain easier than other diapers”

“We bought 12 tiny g covers used and they worked very well, but were bulky on our newborn with prefolds (which is almost all we ever used with them). They never leaked – even newborn breastfed poop, but when the baby pooped, she had to have a new cover everytime. The poop always got on the leg gussets. It wasn’t a big deal with 12 covers, fortunately. I thought it was unneccesarily inconvenient to have the nb sized covers fasten in the back since my baby couldn’t take her own diaper off anyway. I don’t regret getting these though as they taught us that our inexperienced fears of cloth were unfounded. We ended up not needing to go hybrid after all.”

“Although it leaves red marks, she has never been bothered by it. I liken it to sleeping on a wrinkly blanket and waking up with a pattern on your face.”

“The snaps that fasten the liner to the cover leave red marks. :-(

“When my son was between a small and a medium using a small pouch with a medium cover worked the best to prevent leaks.”

“They’re so versatile! You can use their cloth inserts, their biodegradable inserts, prefolds, or any other insert of choice! And less laundry because you can use the outer shell all day!”

“Snapping & unsnapping the non-dryer friendly liner is a pain so I awlays hung them… but hang them inside as the pretty colors fade quickly in the sun”

“It’s so easy to have user error with these. the gcloth was just not very absorbent.  If the planets aren’t properly aligned, you’ll get a leak on the non-wipeable fabric cover and ony get one use out of it before having to wash. Also even when there is no leak, the diaper feels slightly damp to me. Always got lots of red marks with these – even though they were usually on for a fairly short amount of time. I think the best thing I can say about gdiapers is that they got me looking into cloth diapering – totally a gateway drug.”

“Cover gets really stinky when used with cloth inserts. I only like it with the biodegradable inserts but they are too expensive. I will not be buying medium or large sizes.”

“I love the shell that is soft like a t-shirt but I don’t really care for the plastic liner that snaps in, I feel like it doesn’t hold the insert well enough.”

“I used gdiapers on my chunky twin boys with the flushable inserts.  I found that no matter what, I would get leaks around the legs pretty much every time.  Poo was usually contained but would always get on the liner elastic and stained easily (but was removed by sunning).  I also found the velcro configuration hard to manuever on a squirming baby.  Putting together the diaper (stuffing the liner, then snapping the liner into the diaper) is clever but I found it to be tedious and time consuming with two infants.”

“It is way too hard to figure out how to get the right fit. After multiple diaper therapy sessions they still leak. Also, they claim to be eco-friendly but microfleece is synthetic, and the system is made in China. These diapers leave red marks and irritation on my son’s skin. I’m extremely disappointed with gDiapers. $300 down the drain…”

“It took a few tries to figure out the proper way to put on this diaper so that it wouldn’t leak.”

“When our son was between a small and a medium, a medium cover with a small pouch worked the best. However the small pouch didn’t have enough room to stuff for overnight so we would get leaks if we didn’t use a disposable insert.
I used homemade inserts made of hemp and bamboo similar to the gFlappers from the I have never tried the gCloth by gDiapers.”

“Since the snapin liners wear out quickly these end up being very expensive.  also, cloth inserts are not absorbent and cause wicking to outside of diaper.”

“Watch gDiapers’ videos for fit help, they run small so buy bigger, the cotton gPants WILL get dirty not matter what people say, you have to replace the snapin pouches every 6 mo and you can’t handwash them or they get ruined faster.”


gPants – $17.99

40 small/newborn disposable inserts – $14.99 (or 32 medium/large/xl)

6 gCloth inserts $29.99

Where to buy

You can search “gdiapers” in the Cloth Diaper Retailer database and see who carries them and compare things like shipping, location, and much more.

Have you tried out this diaper?

Head on over here to fill out a survey on this diaper, or any other diapers you have tried.

I was not compensated for this review, but did receive a diaper for review and giveaway from All Things Diapers. The fact that I was given the diaper does not affect the opinions in this post.


Tara Porter

Tara Porter

Tara Porter began using cloth diapers in 2011 when she felt that using disposable diapers was costing too much money. The problem was, a lot of the highly recommended diapers weren’t working for her baby. What she finally discovered was that her baby was skinny and a heavy wetter, and that diapers worked differently for those baby types. Because of her professional work with survey design and statistics, she designed Padded Tush Stats as a way to determine how different cloth diapers worked on different babies.

Tara moved on to other career endeavors in 2014 but can still be found online blogging about health and fitness at Fit Baby Steps.
Tara Porter


  1. Ashley Maczis says

    I like this review a lot! It is very detailed and informative. I just bought my first gdiaper today! I put on my daughter immediately and am loving it so far, I got the disposable liners, but plan on buying the reusable ones very soon. I used it twice in a row the diaper didn’t even get wet when she peed the first time. Then I put it back on her during nap and she’s had a BM and is a heavy wetter and no leaks. I don’t think I would use the disposable liners for night, but am definitely thinking about buying the charcoal bamboo inserts for night time. I love this diaper so far. The only con I have had was the cost I bought it for $17.99 at a local shop and the disposable liner were $14.99 for 100. So overall it’s an awesome diaper. Not to mention the prints are so cute! (:

  2. Alyssa D. says

    I’m pretty pleased with this review! My first son has so far only used gDiapers with various inserts with mixed success until I learned the trick of doubling up (if you don’t double, don’t use gDiapers!) and experimenting to find the perfect fit (between rise, straightening the insert, adjusting the plastic liner, and the perfect placement of the velcro closure- really not as much work as I’m making it sound like, though!). I ordered my first batch of pocket diapers because gDiapers really aren’t great for overnight with my champion-racehorse-peeing son and I’d like our new baby to be exclusively in cloth. It’s been a bit of a bumpy ride, but I’d still recommend gDiapers to anyone who has the patience to find that perfect fit!

  3. says

    Very detailed review! I haven’t tried gdiapers, but it seems like the buttons on the inside (4 corners) clipping in the pouch would press up against baby’s skin. That would be rather uncomfortable. I definitely don’t like how many sizes there are.


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