FuzziBunz Elite One Size Pocket Diaper – Statistical Review

In this review, we are going to take a look at the 80 survey responses for the FuzziBunz Elite One Size Pocket diaper. We will see how the diaper performed in different performance categories and on babies with different characteristics.

Before we get into the statistics, here is some information on the features:

* The outside is made of PUL, but is finished off with an extra layer of what FuzziBunz refers to as “nanotechnology”–which basically means smaller fibers to help finish up the seams

* The diaper comes with snap closures as well as hip snaps to prevent wing droop

* This is a one size diaper, which means it is intended to fit a baby from birth to potty training. You adjust the sizing using the elastic found in the legs and waist. You just pull out the elastic band, unbutton it from its current setting, and rebutton it on the setting you want. The diaper also comes with an extra set of replacement elastic.

* The diaper is topped with a stay dry micro fleece

* It comes with two minky inserts. This fabric is supposed to hold less stink than microfiber, plus it is more trim.

Main Findings

The diaper performed best on skinny babies (most likely because of its trimness); however, it did not perform as well on chunkier babies. The diaper performed very well in trimness, and as a nap diaper. It did receive lower scores in being a night diaper and as a diaper people would recommend to a friend. Many respondents did express issues with the diaper being difficult to stuff. People were very impressed with the quick drying time.


Pros: Fit, Trim, Soft against the baby’s skin, Quick Drying, Easy to use

Cons: Leaks, not enough colors/prints, difficult to stuff

Comments from respondents:

Not as bulky and softer than original FB one size.

This diaper does not fit my chunky baby in the least. The rise is much too low. I set the legs on the loosest setting to fit around my baby’s legs, and this just made it leak.

I love this diaper!  It is easily the trimmest diaper in my son’s stash, even when two of the minky inserts are used.  The Elite also seems to run a lot bigger than the older version as it fits my son extremely well (the old version was too small).

Poop gets caught in the crevices in the microfleece

I unbutton the elastic or put on largest setting to get poo out of the crevices.

Fold the minky insert in half lengthwise to stuff.

The difficult to stuff part is out weighed IMO by how trim the diaper is in between the legs, looks a little bit more comfortable

This diaper is pretty difficult to stuff simply because its SO trim fitting.  I recently has some great advice from another mommy who told me to stuff it through the soft side instead of the PUL side.

My little one has a belly. The elite diaper is not wide enough at the top to be able to fit under his belly. If he didn’t have the belly the diaper would be fine.

The PUL gets sticky.

The minky inserts don’t fit well in the diaper and bunch/slide around 

This diaper is very difficult to stuff for me, much less my husband doing that. It is a lot smaller than the previous FB OS diaper, so def will not fit til pt’ing.

The diaper is SUPER trim, but even on the largest setting on all areas, the diaper seemed TINY on my 1 year old. The pocket was also very narrow and tight, which kept it trim, but made it tough to stuff and I doubt you could add another insert. 

Easy to stuff with small inserts (microfiber, minky, cotton), difficult if using large inserts such as certain hemp inserts, prefolds that I own.

I personally love the diaper once it’s stuffed but even with my lil female hands its very difficult to stuff it with the ‘little’ minky that comes with it plus one doubler – my hand needs to contort and I always feel like I’m snagging the PUL as I stuff it – makes me nervous. My husband’s hand doesn’t fit at all so if they aren’t prestuffed he can’t use it at all…

The rise is a little bit low, but fits my short daugher perfect- I think it helps with all the pants these days! :) .I would like to make note that the rise is a little higher than the regular old “one size” (not elite) .. One thing i would like to comment is the back elastic… it is not as soft as some other diapers i’ve used.. and even since she was a baby.. i’ve always kept it on the largest setting to help prevent red elastic marks, it does still happen, but not as often as she is starting to thin out.  I would like to add the elite inserts ROCK with absorbancy and less stinky build up (they do get heavy though).. and another bonus- they are easeir to stuff than the microfiber inserts.  I LOVE the fact the elite does not have buttons that are against the childs skin! 

Diaper is super trim, minky inserts are very absorbent. The only con to this diaper I see for a newbie is all the adjusting that has to be done. Two at the waist, two at the legs, it’s a lot to figure out for someone that is new to diapering. FB’s warranties make this a really smart investment though for someone who is planning to diaper multiple babies. 

When it was new, it was very easy to stuff, but after a few months of use, the PUL is sticky, and harder to stuff.  :(

I use trifolding on small size Zabibaby prefolds grabbed by one end and run my hand as far as it gets in the pocket and then shake the pocket so the prefolds goes all the way into the front behind the buttons.



Diaper Talk $15.95

Where to Buy


Type in “FuzziBunz” at the Cloth Diaper Retailers Database and you can see who carries them and compare things like shipping, location, specials, and more. If you purchase from a company using a link at that site, a small portion of money may go towards Padded Tush Stats, so thank you in advance!

FuzziBunz Provided the diapers for review and filming, but it did not influence the opinions in this post.


  1. says

    Hey Tara,

    Thanks for another great video! I am really confused as to what Fuzzibunz’ opinion is on so many people having an issue with the PUL. They typically seem like a company that works extremely hard at customer service and making us happy, but they still haven’t seemed to resolve this issue.

    Were you able to get any feedback from them, as I know that you typically try to talk to the company for troubleshooting issues?



    • Tara says

      Thanks Jenna! As always, you are so kind.

      I did send the review to Fuzzibunz multiple times, but they never responded. They try to not get involved with personal reviews, part of their policy.

      • says

        That’s a bummer :( Makes it so difficult for me to recommend this diaper to people, especially because the Perfect Size used to be my all time favorite.

        Thanks for trying!


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