My Amazing, Portable, and FREE Drying Rack

Late last month, my husband and I made the dramatic decision to simplify our lives. The decision happened within 48 hours. One day, we lived in our condo with no plans of moving until our daughter was in Elementary school. 48 hours later, we were sitting in our new small apartment, 30 miles away (but just 5 minutes from our family). We are now in the process of selling/donating 75% of our belongings in hopes of removing clutter from our lives and gain a little control. We just needed to simplify our lives. We were swimming in crap.

Our new goal is to not spend money on extra crap. We’ve learned our lesson there (I wish I were brave enough to show you pictures of our old garage!). Any time I saw a gadget or something, I just had to have it. Or if I had a problem, I needed to run to the store to buy something to fix it…like now. 

So you can imagine my dilemma when I noticed that our dryer was EATING THROUGH my diapers, including my Ragababes, the one diaper I most definitely want for babies #3, #4, etc (OK, I don’t plan on an etc.).  So I knew I had to start hang drying. So I researched, antsy to buy any kind of drying rack. I have been itching to go to Target (which I have found to be my deathtrap store) so I could get a drying rack.

But it hit me. I am going against everything I believed in when I made this move. I looked around my house to see what I could do. I don’t have a string and clothespins….so I did this:

The best part is…it was free. I just grabbed some hangers. The other great part is it is portable. I can have it both outside and inside.

I’m sure someone out there has done this before too. I just think we need to share these discoveries a little more. I worry we give off the perception that cloth diapering necessitates a bunch of necessary gizmos and gadgets. Sure, those things are fun, but if we need to simplify for some reason (i.e. finances or avoiding being featured on Hoarders – my biggest fear), I encourage you to take a second and think of what you would do if you absolutely couldn’t get that item. You may be surprised!

Tara Porter

Tara Porter began using cloth diapers in 2011 when she felt that using disposable diapers was costing too much money. The problem was, a lot of the highly recommended diapers weren’t working for her baby. What she finally discovered was that her baby was skinny and a heavy wetter, and that diapers worked differently for those baby types. Because of her professional work with survey design and statistics, she designed Padded Tush Stats as a way to determine how different cloth diapers worked on different babies.

Tara moved on to other career endeavors in 2014 but can still be found online blogging about health and fitness at Fit Baby Steps.