Peachy Green All In One Cloth Diaper

It wasn’t until I had a skinny baby that I realized the importance of narrow diapers. The problem is that many are not absorbent enough. The Peachy Green All in One Diaper is a great narrow and absorbent diaper. I had heard people rave about this diaper, and so I couldn’t wait to try it out.

Let’s check out the features of the diaper:

The diaper comes in 3 sizes: 0, 1, and 2

The diaper has some great elasticity in the back, which made me get a great fit across the back (I really like that you don’t get that big bulge above pants with this)

Inside if made of organic cotton and the soaker is made of bamboo fleece. There is a total of six layers of absorbency


The insert snaps out so that you can get it to dry faster

The insert loops around, which gives it a double layer and makes short drying time. I also like the loop because you don’t have inserts flying every which way when putting a diaper on.

The diaper is side snapping, which has been helpful in getting it off and on my daughter, who is potty training (although not as well as actual trainers I have).

Here is how I would fill out a Padded Tush Stats survey based on how it worked on my two kids:



Absorbency 4

Fit 5

Trimness 4

Worth the Price 4

Nap 5

Night 2

Night with added inserts 2 (I found it to be too narrow for additional inserts)

Would Recommend 4 (to a friend with a skinny baby)

Pros: narrow, absorbent, quick drying, elastic across the back

Cons: inside of diaper tended to roll out (see video), so I had to tuck it in

Comments From Company

– About the rolling out/tucking in — We did a review of our pattern and corrected this issue with the production batch following the diapers you received. The nice thing is we do new colors and prints every two months, which also gives us the opportunity for continuous product improvement throughout the year. With each new collection we enhance the diapers based on customer feedback.
– Recommendation for skinny baby – I found this interesting. I have not had anyone else say that or had customer feedback along those lines. On the other hand, I have customers who love the diaper for the stretchy leg elastic because it fits their chunky-thighed babies well. I think the thing is not so much whether a baby is skinny or chunky, but whether they have a narrow crotch area. These diapers are indeed on the narrow range of crotch width. Babies have such different shapes: my firstborn and my thirdborn were both muscular chunky babies, but the firstborn had a wide crotch area and the thirdborn an extremely narrow crotch area.

Price: $21.50

Where to buy: You can go to and type in “peachy green” to see all retailers who carry these diapers and compare things like location, shipping costs, and even specials. Many retailers offer exclusive discount codes to Padded Tush Stats followers, so it is worth checking out! Plus any time you buy from a retailer with a *** next to it, a small chunk of change goes to support Padded Tush Stats, and I most often just use that money for giveaways.

Peachy Green Diapers provided the diaper for this review, but that did not affect the opinions reflected in this post.


  1. Amanda says

    I LOVE this diaper for my skinny-legged little man, it’s one of the only ones that doesn’t leak or leave red marks in my attempt to keep it from leaking!! I am about to buy a lot more, but now that I know they do new prints every 2 months, I might buy just enough and get a few more in a few months! :)

  2. says

    I think the company’s comments about wide vs. narrow crotch areas are really interesting! I’ve thought before that my baby must have a narrow crotch but had never heard that mentioned as a thing, so thought I was crazy! Woohoo, I’m not crazy! (And maybe things like Flips will work better as daytime diapers for future kids!)


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