bumGenius Freetime All In One Cloth Diaper Review

I’ll confess, when the bumGenius Freetime Cloth Diaper was announced, I was hands down its biggest skeptic. It looked complicated and don’t even get me start on how I dreaded spraying poop out of it.

But holy moly rigatoni this is now one of my favorite diapers in my stash. I’m sure having my beloved Albert print (what better print for a nerd like me, right) probably aids in this love affair. Normally this diaper is the first diaper used in my stash.

I know I love it, but I was curious about what others had to say about it. We got a whopping 114 survey responses for this diaper! You can check out their statistics and comments below.

But first, here are the features of the diaper:

* It is one size, which means it is meant to fit the baby from birth to potty training (8-35+ pounds)

* You adjust the sizing using the snap down rise in the front

* The outside is made out of a waterproof PUL. There is also a strip of PUL across the stomach part on the inside of the diaper:

* You can get either a hook and loop closure or snap closures. The hook and loop closure has laundry tabs:

* The diaper has the signature bumGenius stretchy tabs to help you get a good fit.

* The inserts are topped with suedecloth and overlap

* The underneath part of the inserts is made of microfiber terry

* You can adjust the sizing of the inserts by folding them down. TIP: Although my son is on the largest diaper setting, I fold the front insert down so I get extra absorbency

I do this for my girl:

I do this for my boy:

* You can put another insert underneath the two flaps. I put either hemp or a microfiber insert underneath to get it to work at night.


Main Findings: The diaper performed VERY well for heavy wetters, although not as well for skinny thighed babies. When comparing the statistics of this diaper with the averaged statistics of all other all in one cloth diapers, the diaper performed very similar, although it was slightly lower in how it performed as a nap diaper.

Pros: fit, trimness, easy to use, great for daycare

Cons: expensive, holds stink, not enough colors/prints

Comments From Survey Respondents: 

Love love this diaper. Quick drying and has pockets in the flaps to make securing the hemp doublers easier.

Overall it’s a great diaper. Cute prints and colors, I love BG diapers and it’s nice to have a diaper that you don’t have to stuff. You will have to spend more time spraying it once it’s pooped in, but oh well!

You can adjust absorbency to the front or back depending on how you layer the to inserts that are sewn in

Messy poos are harder to clean out of this diaper, but my son rarely has those, so it works well for us. :)

Watch the youtube video by cotton babies to learn an easy spraying method to get poo off. It works great! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDHEQkjyyiQ

I love how versatile this diaper is. The double flap soaker is so nice. You can add absorbency to the whole thing by placing another insert underneath, or just customize the absorbency to fit your baby’s needs by folding the flaps to where your baby needs it most.
I found this diaper very easy to dunk and swish without getting my hands in the yuck.

Great diaper, good idea, but wish the flaps were a little less awkward.

This is one of my least fav diapers, I’m just not a fan of the flaps. I like the idea of them and the concept behind them kinda works but I found the way I used them (folding the front flap in half to add absorbency in the front where DS needed it) made it a nightmare to clean off peanut butter like poo. It would be on both flaps with them falling everywhere while I was trying to spray it off and keep myself and the floor clean. Maybe I should try the flaps a different way? Even so it still wouldn’t be one of my top diapers. The rise is too small (it is compleatly unsnapped on my 12mo 17lb DS), this diaper will not fit through potty training and for a OS diaper that’s a must for me. I’m also not a fan off the outside material, it’s quite rough.

I desperately wish this came in natural fibers. I don’t love the elemental, though. maybe a hybrid between the two? This is most of my stash and they NEVER leak.

Fold the front flap in half for a boy for extra heavy wetter absorbancy. Its quite bulky on a newborn, but nice and trim for a three year old.

I found that my baby’s skin is sensitive to the stay dry material in this diaper- she tends to get more rashes when using it.

This is by far my favorite OS diaper. I love the velcro (I am not a snaps person). The only reason that this diaper doesn’t make up my complete stash is 1) because I prefer sized BG AIOs, and 2) I have read reviews that it is difficult to remove/spray off poop (my son is currently EBF so this is not yet an issue that I can comment on).

I really like this diaper because it is very user friendly and will last my daughter from 10 weeks (when we started using them) until she is potty trained. Recently we have had a few leaks with them which is really disappointing and a couple of them are starting to rip where the liners attach to the cover.

Since there are two flaps its hard to get a good fit. It was nice to let the poop slide off of just one of the flaps but the fit is more important.

I think this diaper is great for a microfiber diaper. Very cute and trim easy to use if you don’t over think the overlapping sewn in soakers. I have stink issues with microfiber so it is my only microfiber AIO. I line dry this diaper so it takes all night to dry. I would go crazy for this style in an organic cotton:)

Out of all of my diapers, this takes the longest to dry. It is also very difficult to spray poop out of.

The flaps are hard to keep in place. While putting it on a wiggly baby it’s hard and then when you take it off the inserts sometimes shift. I use flushable liners but I could imagine it being really hard to spray poop off.

Soaker edges began to fray after about 2 months. Still works fine, just diss appointed with the quality.

Wish BG had more prints and because the inserts are microterry they tend to hold onto the smell – but a good wash routine WITH Tide and a bi-monthly strip solves the stink. I love ALL of my BGs as does my hubby and day care!

My aplix Freetime does have some issues with rolling in at the tummy and leaving scratch marks from the aplix. But my snaps has absolutely no issues.

I am known by my friends to have a hatred for all AIO’s – but I got it because I also like to try new things. However, when I did get it, my expectations weren’t very high, and I thought I would probably end up selling it. It became one of our go-to night diapers, as it was one of the few that could hold up overnight (and my son is a VERY heavy wetter at night – he still drinks at night) My only complaint is that the flap part, while they help the diaper dry more quickly, are such a pain to spray poop off of.

Microfiber does get the stinkies so it is imperative that you do the once/month bleaching.

Make sure the velcro tabs are ON the laundry tabs otherwise you damage the areas around it.

They get lint inside the pocket part of each flap sometimes. Not a real problem it just looks weird and someone may think they have mold!

I prefer natural fibers with my diapers. This diaper can also be difficult to spray.

The freetime has a much shorter rise than the BG elemental and 4.0 pocket diapers.

I love it, but not practical for daycare. So many pieces hanging out freaked my daycare out and they asked for only 4.0s. Also not as big as the 4.0 so won’t last as long (he will outgrow it quickly.

It seems to run a little smaller than other AIOs

Flaps are really difficult to spray if your baby poops
I cannot get the poop smell out of this diaper, and I’ve washed it several times and used bac out.

I think this diaper runs smaller than our bumgenius elemental (that we also love), but for now it still fits our 32 lb 2 yr old. He’s tall, but is on the highest rise now and the second to last set of snaps on each side (compared to the elemental where he’s on the middle rise and the third to last set of snaps – though just barely).
But I do think its absorbant, and the design helps it dry quickly.
I was worried it might be tricky to dump poo, given the flap design, but it isn’t harder than a GroVia AIO (also not my fav to dump).

I love the fit of any bum genius with velcro. This dries way faster than the elemental AIO but isn’t as absorbent in my opinion.

You have to make sure the flaps don’t get caught in the leg elastic. If they stick out, you’ll have a leak.

15 months, 23 pounds

Tara’s Review:

I have a 1 year old and a 2 1/2 year old.

Pros: I love how you can customize the absorbency. I also like that it is so easy to use.

Con: Can be tough to clean. How I spray it is I hold the diaper by the front and the back, letting the inserts dangle down, and then spray.

My Comments: I really like this diaper and I like how I can customize the absorbency. Like I said, it is hands down my favorite in my stash at the moment. I am a big fan of the old sized bumGenius diapers, and this helps me to miss them a little less. They also line dry fairly well. One possible concern people may have is that if they want to add absorbency, it would have to lay between the two inserts–that spacing has less length to it than what you would get for a pocket diaper, so I found that my larger inserts (like my SuperDo) wouldn’t fit in there too well.

Price: $19.95

Where to Buy: You can see who carries the diaper by typing in “bumGenius” at the Cloth Diaper Retailer Database (www.clothdiaperretailers.com). You can compare retailers based on shipping costs, location, and even specials they have going on. Many of them even post exclusive discounts for Padded Tush Stats followers. If you buy from those with an asterisk (***) next to their name, a small portion of money supports this site, so thank you in advance.

Although Kissed by the Moon provided this diaper for review, it did not impact the opinions reflected in this post. By the way, Kissed by the Moon is one of the most efficient companies out there, I have found in my experience. The order was shipped the day I made it and I got it immediately. Likewise, I did have to contact the company to ask questions, and I would get answers to my questions within hours.


  1. Amanda says

    My 9 month old is a heavy wetter at night and leaks at least 3 times a week. I have 24 of these and want to sale some of the to buy some other option of over night.

  2. Michelle Lee says

    I really wanted to love this diaper but I found it to be just to bulky for day time. Worked great as a night diaper from about 3-6 months though!

    • says

      Just like most OS diapers, I think they’re generally bulky on small babies and then get trimmer as you go to the higher rise settings. When my youngest was a baby it was pretty bulky, but on my toddler I think it’s exceptionally trim. It’s just one of those trade-offs to sized versus one size diapers! :)

  3. Emily Stewart says

    I’m surprised this diaper didn’t rate higher for nighttime -my son is a heavy wetter, but we have had very new issues with them overnight! We love our freetimes!

    • says

      It might have to do with the age of your child (how old is your son right now?) This diaper was great for any length of time when my daughter was a baby, but as a toddler this is strictly a daytime diaper for both my heavy wetters :) Since the survey scores aren’t broken down by age, my guess would be that the score is higher for younger babies and that the average reflects the scores of older kids :)

  4. Happily Southern says

    I haven’t gotten a Freetime yet… but I think I may need to get at least one. I haven’t tried any AIOs before, but have heard they take longer to dry. I suppose hanging outside that wouldn’t matter as much! 😉

    • says

      Because the Freetime is microfiber and has two inserts that are attached at opposite ends, it doesn’t take very long to dry at all! I’m not a huge fan of microfiber (it’s hard to get clean in my hard water) but the inserts are so thin that I don’t mind them as much 😉

  5. Allison Turcotte says

    Thanks for the review! Good to know about folding the inserts, I probably never would have thought of that :)

  6. says

    I am not a fan of AIO diapers because I think it’s harder to get them clean. However, I do have 1 freetime and I haven’t found it harder to clean the poop off at all. I don’t have a sprayer and I’ve found that just flipping the diaper around and dunking just the poopy flap is much easier then dunking a typical AIO. I need to sit down and fill out a stat for this diaper and several others I haven’t done yet.

  7. says

    I do not care for the Freetime diapers. I definitely prefer the 4.0s. That being said though, I never thought about folding the inserts in different ways to increase absorbency. Thanks for the review. I may pull out my Freetime and give it another try :)


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