GroVia My Choice Cloth Diaper Trainers Review

One of the biggest issues I encountered with training pants was that most of them were not absorbent enough for one accident. But the GroVia My Choice Trainer definitely held up to the job, and survey respondents agreed! In this post, I’m going to show you the features of these training pants, and will also show you what survey respondents had to say about the training pants based on the 20 survey responses.


You can see the video I did a while back for the Sneak Peek here:


Side Flex Panels

The pants include interchangeable Side-Flex panels There’s great elasticity in there to help you pull them off and on your baby, or for your child to do it on his/her own. You can buy larger side flex panels if you have a larger baby.

These definitely helped make it easy to get a good FIT and were a little better than many of those in my stash for pulling up and down; however, I did find that they tended to roll while going up and down. Survey respondents had similar difficulties with getting them up and down on their children, as indicated by the high number of cons on this topic.

A huge bonus to these panels was that they make the training pants side snapping, something which both I and survey respondents found to be a tremendous PRO of these training pants because no one wants to pull down training pants that are filled with poop, risking poopy legs–it’s much easier to snap those nasty ones off. You’ll know from my post here that side snapping training pants are ESSENTIAL if you are going to splurge on training pants.


The training pants come in two colors: a dark grey color and a cream color. The panels come in several different colors. You are able to get different colors on the training pants by using different colors of side flex panels. NOTE FROM COMPANY: Blackberry and Surf colors will be available in December with the possibility of more being added to the line in 2013.

I personally found that this wasn’t enough to peak my child’s interest. If she has a choice between an owl print cloth diaper and a plain grey training pants with a solid color panel, she’s picking the owl print any day. Survey respondents agreed with this, as it got very low scores in having cute colors and prints.

Feeling Wetness

The Training Pants have a “GroCool” inner layer made out of polyester. This makes it to where your baby feels the wetness.

This was also one of the biggest Pros that survey respondents had to say about these training pants.


The inside of the training pants have a sewn in 2 layers of a blend of 55% hemp and 45% cotton. There is also a pocket opening so that you can stuff additional inserts into the training pants. NOTE: Hemp does require a bit of prepping, so if you experience a good deal of leaks at first, make sure you wash it a few more times.

Because of the hemp in the blend, the training pants did take a long time to dry (and survey respondents felt that way as well). You can speed up the time by turning it inside out when you go to dry it. It is great that there is the option for added absorbency. I found that I had leaks with most training pants my daughter used, but only had the occasional leak with these, even without using the pocket.


The outside of these training pants is made out of a waterproof TPU fabric.

This was yet another HUGE pro of these training pants. Survey respondents loved this. And I would agree. I found that there were very few training pants that I could trust for out and about because one accident would result in soaked pants. But the TPU definitely helped with making this one of my trustworthy pairs.


The training pants have a snap down rise to allow you to adjust the absorbency.

First off, my favorite snaps in the cloth diaper industry are definitely the GroVia snaps. They are of a great quality and are a piece of cake to snap. So I love that the training pants have this. I had mine snapped on the lowest setting since my daughter is small, and it gave her a great fit. The downside of the fit on these, however, is that the training pants performed very low for chunky babies. However, they performed very, very well for skinny babies. But it is worth noting that the different between how it performed on skinny vs. chunky babies was staggering (a 31% difference, that is HUGE).

Main Findings

When compared with the average scores for all training pants combined, these performed much better in being able to absorb enough for one accident. They also performed better in being something people would recommend to a friend. It did perform lower than the average scores in the ease of pulling up and down and being trim. The training pants performed best on skinny toddlers, but received significantly lower scores for performance on a chunkier toddlers. The biggest pros were that they were waterproof, side snapping, baby felt wetness, and that it had a pocket for the option of added absorbency. Main cons were that they were expensive and took a long time to dry .









Comments From Survey Respondents:

I really like this diaper for both my boys. It is trim and they feel like big boys and not babies. They are potty trained and I use this as a nappy dipe, not for overnight use. We have heavy heavy wetters and have had leaks during naps. Still playing around with different inserts to suit their wetting needs. My guys are 28-30lbs and the side panels seem a bit too snug, kinda bummed I have to purchase the larger side panels. all in all I am pleased with this diaper

This trainer was too narrow- my 2 year old’s bum cheeks were always poking out

I would use these if my son was completely potty trained and we were going to be away for a little while, just in case of an accident. He is not quite all the way potty trained, so I know he will likely have an accident, and these trainers don’t contain any of the wetness (even with added inserts in the pocket). If he has an accident I would also need to change his pants. They are easy for him to pull up and down, and he likes how they look.

This trainer leaks almost every time my son has an accident in it

I really wish they came in fun prints or even fun colors.

My son is 13.5 months and smaller than average. He’s just around the 18 lb range and these are much too big!

My son is 2.5 and 32lbs. These trainers are much too tight on him. I’d have to spend more money and buy waist adjusters. Ridiculous!

Grovia is a good idea, until you realize that it is an AIO and takes forever to dry. Also, even on my tiny 2 yr old I couldn’t get the rise high enough; you always saw his little crack.

Love them so far!

My toddler is 18 months old (22 lb, 31 inches tall) and is not actually potty training yet. I just needed some cloth pull ons because he got so wiggly! These paired with the grovia extra soaker pads inside hold quite a lot of pee, and as long as the poo is a normal poo, it holds that well also (for us anyhow).

Price: $18.99 (additional side flex panels are $3.95)

Where to Buy: You can see who carries the training pants by typing in “GroVia” at the Cloth Diaper Retailer Database ( You can compare retailers based on shipping costs, location, and even specials they have going on. Many of them even post exclusive discounts for Padded Tush Stats followers. If you buy from those with an asterisk (***) next to their name, a small portion of money supports this site, so thank you in advance.

Although Jack Be Natural provided this diaper for review, it did not impact the opinions reflected in this post. But I do want to say that Jack Be Natural is one of the fastest retailers out there–plus I love that they ship their products in little reusable drawstring bags that I use with my knitting. Love that company!



  1. Erika says

    Hi, do you know what size snaps the flex panels use?? They look larger than normal and I’d like to customize my panel. Thanks :)


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