Imagine Newborn Stay-Dry All In One Cloth Diaper Review

Although Nicki’s Diapers provided this diaper for review, it did not impact the opinions reflected in this post.

When I wrote my review of the Imagine Newborn Bamboo Fitted Diaper, I said that I wanted to snuggle my face in it. Well, when I received the Imagine Stay-Dry All In One Diaper, I wanted to burrow into it like a sleeping bag and take a nap in it! It is incredibly soft and squishy, and whenever I put it on my daughter, I thought, “If I was going to wear a diaper, I’d want to wear one that felt like this!” In this review, I’ll walk you through the features of the diaper, and tell you how it worked on my little girl.

Imagine Newborn aio 1


The inside of this diaper is lined with polar fleece, to provide a “Stay-Dry” effect by wicking moisture away from the baby’s skin.   Imagine Newborn aio 5 This diaper has one of the softest/squishiest interiors of all the diapers I’ve used on either of my kids. It was like a fuzzy pillow, even after multiple washings.

The elastic around the legs and back of the diaper is gentle, in order to provide a snug fit and contain messes without leaving any red marks.

Imagine Newborn aio 2

Imagine Newborn aio 3

We were always able to get a great fit around Emily’s legs, which were super skinny for a long time, and never had any leaks up the back.


The insert in the diaper is made of 3 layers of microfiber, and is topped with the same polar fleece that lines the rest of the diaper interior.

The insert is sewn into place in the back, and snaps into place in the front of the diaper. This allows for faster and easier washing and drying.

Imagine Newborn aio 7

The insert was surprisingly absorbent for an AIO (I’m used to AIOs holding up fine for daytime use and then needing an extra boost for naps and outings, but that was not the case with this diaper!) Just like with the Imagine fitted diaper, I didn’t realize that the front of the insert came unsnapped! Had I known, I still probably would have left it snapped on all the time. It washed clean and dried quickly, regardless!


The diaper comes in either hook and loop or snap closure.

The strip of “loop” along the tummy began fraying after only a few uses in the diaper I first received. I contacted the company, and they sent me another diaper to review. All products, diapers and otherwise, will occasionally have some defect or error, but it is how a company handles the situation that sets them apart from their competitors. I was very impressed and pleased with the response I got from Nicki’s Diapers, and the hook and loop in the second diaper never had any problems.


  • Response From Nicki’s Diapers: “Nicki’s Diapers stands behind their products 100%. If the rare manufacturer defect occurs, we will promptly address it with a replacement! We want to ensure your experience with us is nothing but the best. We also offer a 15 Day Wash Program where you can try any cloth diaper for 15 Days and if you’re not satisfied for any reason, return it for full store credit. No limits on the number of times you can use this return program!”

The hook and loop closure has crossover tabs, in order to get a good fit on tiny waists, and oversized laundry tabs which help prevent snagging or attaching to other diapers in the washing machine.

Imagine Newborn aio 6These laundry tabs are probably my favorite of all brands of diapers I’ve tried. When dealing with messy diapers, I dislike having to take the time to carefully line up the “hook” and “loop” parts in order to make sure none of my other diapers are damaged in the wash. These laundry tabs are nice, large squares, so that you can attach the tabs quickly and move on with your diaper change!

Umbilical Cord Snap-Down

The snap closure diaper has an umbilical snap-down, to fasten the diaper below your baby’s umbilical cord stump as it heals (not pictured).


This diaper is advertised to fit from 5-13 pounds.

We received this diaper when Emily was 7.5 weeks and 9.5 pounds, at which point it was already a bit on the smaller side. However, despite a slightly awkward fit around the waist as she got larger, it performed fine and fit until she outgrew both the rise and the waist at 12 weeks and 11 pounds.

Survey Response

Here is how I would fill out a Padded Tush Stats AIO survey based on how it worked on my daughter. Scores were averaged across the time period that she used the diaper (e.g., a diaper that received a 4 for absorbency at 2 weeks old but only a 2 for absorbency at 6 weeks old would receive an overall score of 3). She is a normal to heavy wetter.

Imagine Newborn Stay Dry AIO Survey Stats

Notes on my responses:

  • I found the fit of this diaper to be quite similar to their Newborn Bamboo Fitted Diaper, in that it seemed wider than it was tall. For a tall/skinny baby, this is a less than ideal diaper shape. This diaper did seem to be slightly thinner between the legs and had a bit of a higher rise, so we were able to make it fit for much longer than the fitted diaper did, but this brand may simply be better suited for shorter/chunkier babies. In addition, the front of the diaper was shaped like an inverted “U”, so that it came up higher on the stomach and lower by the legs. This shape made it hard to get a good fit around the waist, as I’d try to pull the tabs across the stomach, only to find the “loop” fabric at a totally different angle. Had the diaper been cut straight across, or if I was rating the diaper for a smaller baby, the score for “fit” may have been higher (since I only had this diaper for the top of the weight range, I can only score if for that).
  • As mentioned earlier, this was one of the most absorbent newborn AIOs that I tried. The flip side of that is that the diaper was thick and rather bulky (though perhaps it would look trimmer on a shorter/chunkier baby on whom the diaper fit more smoothly). This might not be the best diaper for a person who values trimness over softness and absorbency. Had we received this diaper when Emily was younger (and therefore eating less) I’m confident it also would have made an excellent night diaper.
  • Scores for “would recommend to a friend” would have been higher if the diaper was designed to fit a broader range of baby shapes (I would absolutely recommend the diaper to a friend who had a shorter/chunkier baby, but would be hesitant to recommend it to somebody with a tall/skinny baby).
  • This diaper is at the economical end of the price spectrum for AIOs. Considering how absorbent it was, how much I loved the fabric, and the fact that we were able to use it until Emily was 12 weeks old, I would absolutely consider it “worth the price”.
  • I was impressed enough by this diaper that I’ve looked into purchasing the one-size version of it in the future (in hopes that the fit might be better on one or both of my kids!)  

8 weeks / Approximately 9.5 pounds




Price: 10.95

Where To Buy: Imagine brand products are made exclusively for Nicki’s Diapers. If you purchase Imagine Products from this link, then we get a small percentage of that money that we use towards reviews and giveaways.


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  1. Karianne says

    How does this diaper compare sizewise (e.g. rise) to BG newborn AIO, FB xsmall and thirsties duo AIO size 1? It is so cheap I really want to get one for my next baby, but my first was 10.7 lbs so I’m a little hesitant.. :-)

    • says

      Hmm, it’s been a while so you’d have to look back to my review of the BG Newborn AIO and see how my comments on it compared, size wise. I loved this diaper and would buy it again, but didn’t have success with the BG. I used XS FB on my first child but they never fit properly (the legs didn’t get small enough – he was really tiny) so sold them before Emily was born, and I’ve never had a size 1 Thirsties AIO. You might want to look for reviews on the Imagine OS AIO (which runs WAY smaller than their pocket diaper and cover, so I think it might fit a large newborn, though I didn’t have one to say for certain!) :)

  2. Rumsita says

    I found the same as you did with regular bamboo AIO. Didn’t fit until 13 lbs, but those were my favorite nb diaper.


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