Mini Modia Fitted Cloth Diaper Review

Although Modia provided this diaper for review, it did not impact the opinions reflected in this post

Cloth diapers, by design, are practical, functional items, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t also be fun to feel and adorable to look at! Modia obviously embraces this sentiment, because their mini fitted diapers come in a fantastic variety of prints, colors, and snaps. The fact that the diaper also got great scores for absorbency makes it both practical AND fun to own! In this review, I’ll walk you through the other features of the diaper, and tell you how it worked on my little girl.

mini Modia fitted cloth diaper - side view


The exterior of the diaper is made of cotton, and comes in a variety of fun prints. This means that the diaper is not waterproof on its own and requires a separate diaper cover.

After being washed quite a few times, the outer fabric started to fade a little bit and pilled slightly (see photos at end of review). This did not affect the function, and was similar to my experiences with other 100% cotton outer fitted diapers.

The interior of the diaper is organic bamboo velour (though cotton velour can be an option, as well) which is soft and fuzzy against baby’s bum.

mini Modia fitted cloth diaper - interior

After multiple washes, the velour lost some of it’s initial “plush-ness”, though this again seems to simply be a function of how the fabric wears over time. It was still soft and seemed comfortable on my baby, just slightly less velvet-y.

The diaper doesn’t come with an insert, but instead has the absorbent layers sewn between the cotton and velour. There is a full layer of organic hemp fleece sewn throughout the entirety of the diaper, and then an additional 2 layers in the wet zone. Hemp fleece provides maximum absorbency with a minimum of bulk, and sewing it into the diaper makes laundry simpler (as you don’t have to hunt for the corresponding insert).

The diaper was occasionally damp when it came out of the dryer, but didn’t take any longer to dry than our newborn fitted diapers with detached or semi-attached inserts.

There is elastic at the back of the diaper, to better contain messes and ensure a snug fit at the waist.

mini Modia fitted cloth diaper - back viewmini Modia fitted cloth diaper - interior of back of diaper

One of my major pet peeves are diapers that don’t stretch enough for me to have my hands in the waistband while I’m snapping them. The elastic in this diaper was generous enough that I had plenty of room to maneuver the fabric and still end up with a snug fit around Emily’s waist.

The legs of the diaper are also elasticized, to ensure a snug fit and prevent leaks.

mini Modia fitted cloth diaper - interior of leg of diaper


I like fitted diapers to truly be fitted (so that messes stay inside the diaper!) and the elastic in the legs meant that we never had any leaks with this diaper.

The diapers are made in the US.

The diapers are actually made by a group of moms in Michigan who work from their homes. I was delighted at the idea that somebody was making a diaper for my baby that they’d happily use on their own babies!


The diaper comes in snap closure (there is no hook and loop option) and has two rows of snaps so that you can get a custom fit around the waist and legs.

The back of the snaps are covered by the fabric on the interior of the diaper so that they don’t press against baby’s skin.

I liked that the snaps along the front of the diaper are color coded, as it made it easy to get an even fit.

Umbilical Cord Snap-Down

There is an extra snap in the center of the diaper that can be used to make the diaper dip below the umbilical cord stump as it heals.

I had some difficulty getting the waist and leg snaps attached on the smallest settings if the diaper was snapped down, so since Emily didn’t fit into her diapers until after her cord stump had already fallen off, I chose not to use this feature.


The diaper is advertised to fit from approximately 6-15 pounds.

Smallest setting:

mini Modia fitted cloth diaper - smallest setting

Largest setting:mini Modia fitted cloth diaper - largest setting

This diaper fit my daughter from 2 weeks/7 pounds to 12 weeks/11 pounds. She outgrew the diaper at the legs (which was unusual, as her legs have never been particularly chubby). There was still room in the waist and rise of the diaper, so depending on your baby’s shape, you may get more or less use out of it.

Survey Response

Here is how I would fill out a Padded Tush Stats Fitted Diaper survey based on how it worked on my daughter. Scores were averaged across the time period that she used the diaper (e.g., a diaper that received a 4 for absorbency at 2 weeks old but only a 2 for absorbency at 6 weeks old would receive an overall score of 3). She is a normal to heavy wetter.

Modia Mini Fitted Diaper Survey Stats

Notes on my responses:

  • Many newborn diapers stopped being absorbent enough by the time Emily outgrew them, but at 12 weeks this diaper was still able to last her 12 hours at night without additional inserts.
  • The diaper received an average score for “trimness”, but it should be noted that MOST fitted diapers are not terribly trim (it’s the reason they are typically so absorbent!) The diaper was nice and narrow between the legs (so Emily didn’t look uncomfortably bow-legged when wearing it) and wasn’t overly bulky.
  • The diaper is more expensive than some other newborn fitted diapers. However, it lasted us long enough that it received a high score for “worth the price” (the cost averaged out to $1.69 per week, which seems reasonable for a good overnight diaper).
  • Modia also sent me one of their organic bamboo velour and sherpa cloth wipes, and while it’s a bit thicker and plusher than I prefer my wipes to be, it has become our favorite baby washcloth. (My husband has even asked for it when prepping Emily’s bath, and he doesn’t usually care about such things). While the diaper never needed additional absorbency, the website says that the wipes can also be used as doublers in any diaper if needed.


Approximately 6 weeks / 9 pounds

mini Modia fitted cloth diaper on 6 week, 9 pound baby - front view

mini Modia fitted cloth diaper on 6 week, 9 pound baby - side view


Price: 16.95

Where To Buy: Modia diapers and accessories can be purchased from their website



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