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So my little man is all ready for bed. We just finished a nasty wrestling match as I tried to snap on the fitted diaper. I finally finish that, get his PJs on, and stand him up. He starts to walk and….oh my, this guy looks like he’s been riding a horse all day. The diaper pushes his legs far apart (in my family, we call it the “Alf” walk). This bugs me. Maybe little man doesn’t mind, but it just bugs me. So I was thrilled to try out the RearZ Smitten fitted cloth diaper and see how trim it is at the crotch. Yet despite its trimness there, it is still a great choice for night time. The diaper is aptly named, I am smitten for it.

So let me give you the run-down on this diaper:

RearZ Smitten Fitted Cloth Diaper - Front View


The diaper is made out of velour and cotton, making it both soft and absorbent

This diaper really is super soft. It does stiffen slightly over time.

RearZ Smitten Fitted Cloth Diaper - Interior

The diapers come in vibrant colors made possible by organic dyes.

RearZ Smitten Fitted Cloth Diaper - Back View


It contains a pocket so that you can stuff it with boosters at night.

RearZ Smitten Fitted Cloth Diaper - Pocket Opening

I consider this opening small, so I would put something narrow like a Joey Bunz insert in it. But, to be honest, I never needed to stuff it. It was absorbent on its own.

It has a new tongue design that allows for faster drying

RearZ Smitten Fitted Cloth Diaper - Tongue Insert

I am so happy that this gets dry in the first wash, my old RearZ took multiple cycles in the dryer


These are available in snap and hook and loop (velcro) closures. The hook and loop closures have laundry tabs to fold the closure in place so that it doesn’t snag on other diapers in the wash. The closures do overlap, which allows you to get a better fit on a smaller waist.

RearZ Smitten Fitted Cloth Diaper - Side View

I am SO happy about this one. As you guys know, I personally am not a fan of snaps, but I also recognize I am the odd woman out here. But I like when companies at least give me a choice. These hook and loop tabs are pretty bulky and poke out a bit, but I don’t mind because I mostly use this diaper at night. The laundry tabs don’t fold over too well, so I rarely used them. I didn’t have many issues with the hook and loop sticking to other items–it isn’t a super sticky hook and loop.


The diaper comes in four sizes:

Small 6-15lbs, Waist range: 8″-18″, Thigh range 4″-11.5″, Rise Range is 12-15″

Medium 14-22lbs, Waist 10″-20″, Thigh 6-14″, Rise 13-16.5″

Large 23-40lbs, Waist 12″-24″, Thigh 7-16″, rise 15.5-19″

X-Large 40+ lbs, Waist 16″-28″, Thigh 10-21″, rise 17.5″-24″

I used the size medium and it was the perfect fit. In fact, I originally had the larger size (since my kids are over 23 pounds, and found that it was just WAY too big and I had leaks). For those of you who had the old version of the RearZ (this would have been those made in early 2012), if you had issues with fit, you may want to try again with the smaller size (my kids are 27 pounds and just about out of the diaper). I had awful issues with fit on the OLD style, but this new one is AMAZING.


The gussets have ruffled elastic.

RearZ Smitten Fitted Cloth Diaper - Ruffled Leg Gussets

I think this is what gives the diaper such a nice, trim look at the crotch.

RearZ Smitten Fitted Cloth Diaper on Toddler - Front View

RearZ Smitten Fitted Cloth Diaper on Toddler - Side View

RearZ Smitten Fitted Cloth Diaper on Toddler - Back View


There is a bit of a gap at the legs with this picture, but that didn’t impact the absorbency. It is a bit more of an awkward fit on my daughter (the skinny 3 year old pictured here) than on my 2 year old son. Both kids weigh the same:RearZ Smitten Fitted Cloth Diaper on Toddler - Side View

Survey Response

Here is how I would fill out a Padded Tush Stats Fitted Diapers survey (please that survey out for any fitted diapers you have tried) based on how it worked on my kids. I have a 2 year old boy and a 3 1/2 year old girl. Both are normal wetters. I tested it on my son during the day and night and on my daughter during naps and night-time.

RearZ Smitten Fitted Cloth Diaper Survey Statistics


Notes on responses:

Absorbency: I loved the absorbency on this. I also liked that I could customize the absorbency if I wanted to by stuffing the pocket.

Trimness: When I think of trimness, I think of diapers like flats and Ragababes that are very absorbent. This falls on the 3 scale. It is definitely more trim than most fitteds I have tried though.

Worth the Price: To buy these, you actually have to buy a 5 pack for $69.99. That comes out to just under $14 a diaper. That is definitely a great deal for a diaper; however, I wish you didn’t have to buy so many. I always think people should have a variety of cloth diapers in their stashes, since babies will grow and some diapers may work slightly better than others at different stages. Plus, I tend to think fitted diapers are more suited at night because they are bulky, and you don’t really need FIVE fitted diapers.

Fit: So like I said before, I had the old version and it was so much more difficult getting a good fit. The fit with these was fantastic.

Liked by Skeptics: My husband dislikes any diaper that requires an additional cover, but the hook and loop closure made it much more manageable for him.

Would Recommend to a Friend: I loved how soft and absorbent this was. I loved that it was a fitted with a hook and loop closure. I gave it a high rating. What made me give it just one point shy of a perfect score here is because (a) it comes in multiple sizes and so when the baby grows out of it, you’d have to buy more in another size (but, then again, sized diapers tend to have the best fit), and (b) you’d have to buy a 5-pack and for the reasons I said above, I’m not thrilled about that. But overall, I was so impressed with this diaper.

Price: $69.99 for a 5-pack (but the XL ones are sold individually)

Where to Buy: You can see who carries this diaper by typing in “RearZ” at the Cloth Diaper Retailer Database ( You can compare retailers based on shipping costs, location, and even specials they have going on. Many of them even post exclusive discounts for Padded Tush Stats followers. If you buy from those with an asterisk (***) next to their name, a small portion of money supports this site, so thank you in advance.



    • says

      The website only mentions that the dyes are organic, so you might need to contact them for more information. They do have a number of other products that are certified organic, so they might have something else if you’re looking for organic diapers!

  1. Jacki Young says

    Would you please tell me how you prepped these? I’ve never gotten anything in this combination of materials before and have some of these on the way. Thanks!

    • Tara at Padded Tush Stats says

      Honestly, I am pretty low key with my prepping. I just throw it in with a regular load of laundry for a couple of loads. Then I throw it in with my diapers and do an extra rinse. During the first few uses, I just use the diaper around the house in case it isn’t fully prepped (and obviously if there are leaks I don’t start rating a diaper’s performance until it is “fully prepped”).

      • Jacki Young says

        Awesome, thank you. Also, I know I shouldn’t prep natural fibers with synthetic, but is it okay to prep different naturals together? i.e. hemp and bamboo?

        • Tara at Padded Tush Stats says

          I never get picky about what preps with what….after 3+ years of testing over 100 diapers, I’ve never had a problem with that. I hope that helps!

          • Jacki Young says

            One last question, what type of covers did you use with these and other fitteds/prefolds/flats? I don’t have any one-size or sized covers yet, just newborn stuff and don’t really know where to start. Thanks!

            • Tara at Padded Tush Stats says

              My two favorites are the Imagine and the Blueberry Capri cover. The Imagine is much cheaper, but the Blueberry gives you more coverage. Carolyn likes the Thirsties Duo.

  2. says

    I prefer hook and loop over snaps, too! Snaps never seem to get the right snugness, and it takes too long trying to figure out just the right fit. You are not alone! This looks like a great overnight fitted. Thanks for the review.

  3. Melissa C. says

    Oooooh these look so soft! I’m glad you commented about the Large being big, since I have a 17mo old 23lb’er.


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