New to Cloth Diapering? A Post and Giveaway from Thirsties

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you know that one of my favorite cloth diaper companies is Thirsties. They have amazing customer service (AMAZING) and their products are made in the USA. Plus, the products are pretty stinkin’ smart. You’ll see my review on the Fab Fitted here, the Duo Pocket Here, the Hemp Prefold Here, and right now I am working on the statistical review of the AIO (but you can see my video of it here). Their diaper cover was also voted by Padded Tush Stats readers as the Cloth Diaper Cover of the year in last year’s Diaper Awards, and their hemp insert was voted Insert of the Year.

I am thrilled that they have agreed to post this helpful post for those of you new to cloth diapering. Plus they are hosting an A-MAZING giveaway (see the end of the post). So check it out!


New to Cloth Diapering?

What is a pocket diaper? An AIO?  A fitted?  How do I wash my diapers? What to do with poop? How much does it cost?  These are all commonly asked questions asked by moms and dads who are new to cloth diapering.  We have put together the following tools to help answer these questions and eliminate some of the confusion that comes with cloth diapering.

Cloth Diapering 101

Use our Cloth Diapering 101 guide to learn about the benefits of choosing cloth diapers, the different types of cloth diapers, common cloth diapering terms, how to care for cloth diapers, and the answers to other frequently asked questions.

Savings Calculator

The financial savings is the primary reason many of our customers made the choice to use cloth diapers.  Use our Savings Calculator to see how much you can save when using cloth diapers over disposables.

About Thirsties

At Thirsties, we strive to make it easy and affordable for every family to choose cloth diapers while simultaneously investing in our local economy and sustainable business practices.  We are very proud of the fact that all Thirsties products are manufactured in Colorado, USA, by a group of very talented individuals, many of whom are moms who work in the comfort and convenience of their own homes.  We are committed to building our business in a sustainable manner by focusing on the health of our babies and the environment. Only the best USA-sourced components are chosen for our products in order to reduce our carbon footprint, to help support domestic textile mills and our local economy, and to ensure that Thirsties diapers will last wash after wash. We are committed to creating only the highest quality products and dedicated to providing exceptional design and unparalleled performance while saving you money.

To learn more about Thirsties please watch our Brand Video  or visit our website at

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  1. Jessica says

    I would love to try these, I have a 2 year old who I’m moving into cloth and a boy due at the end of July!

  2. Karri says

    Wanting to jump into cloth diapering, just not sure where to start. Thirsties seem to be really easy to use and I love the idea they are made in the states.

  3. says

    I’m not new to cloth diapering, but I’m relatively new to Thirsties…. and I wish I would have known about them sooner! Superior quality, very cute, and made in the USA- wish I had a whole stash of these! I’m telling all my cloth-diapering friends about them. :)


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