Smart Bottoms Smart One 3.0 All In One Cloth Diaper Review

Although Smart Bottoms provided this diaper for review, it did not impact the opinions reflected in this post.

My son is at the top of the growth charts for height, and at 2 years old (and showing no signs of readiness for potty training!) the rise of his diapers is something I’m frequently concerned about. When I received the Smart Bottoms Smart One 3.0 All In One, I automatically attempted to put it on him with the rise fully unsnapped, and was surprised to find it was TOO HIGH! It’s now one of the few diapers we have that I’m not worried about him growing out of the rise of. In this review I’ll walk you through the other features of the diaper, and discuss how it worked on my toddler.

Smart Bottoms Smart One 3.0 All In One Cloth Diaper - Front ViewMaterials

This diaper is an All in One, which means that the waterproof and absorbent components of the diaper are attached. It does not need a separate diaper cover.

The inside of the diaper is lined with 100% certified organic cotton, which is both trim and absorbent.

The non-encased leg elastic is wide, which decreases the chances of it leaving red marks on the skin and lies flat against the leg for a trim look and fit.

Smart Bottoms Smart One 3.0 All In One Cloth Diaper - Side ViewThe back of the diaper features generous elastic in order to keep messes contained.

Smart Bottoms Smart One 3.0 All In One Cloth Diaper - Back View

I had similar fit issues with the waist of this diaper as I did with the Smart Bottoms Too Smart 3.0 cover. The elastic is primarily in the back of the diaper, which means that the front of it looks loose when the back is actually quite snug. When I first started using it I tried to fasten the diaper too tightly, which caused red marks on my son’s back. Once I figured out that messes were contained effectively at the waist even if it LOOKED loose in the front, we never had issues with red marks around the waist.


The insert is made of the same 100% organic cotton that lines the interior of the diaper.

The insert is attached at one end so that you can customize the fold and provide the most layers where your child needs the most absorbency. This also means that the diaper dries quickly.

Smart Bottoms Smart One 3.0 All In One Cloth Diaper - Semi-Attached Insert

Smart Bottoms Smart One 3.0 All In One Cloth Diaper - Semi-Attached InsertClosures

The diaper comes in snap closure (there is no hook and loop option).

It also has a hip snap to prevent wing droop when used on smaller settings.


This is a one-size diaper, and is advertised to fit babies from 8-35 pounds.

I tried to use this diaper on my 12.5 pound 4.5 month old, and while the rise was appropriate, no matter how I tried sizing it I could not get the legs to fit appropriately (she’s a skinny baby, and I could see through one leg hole and out the other). This diaper may fit lower weights better with babies who have chunkier thighs and/or bottoms. 

Response From Smart Bottoms: Off-setting the snaps (the top and bottom snaps do not need to be fastened vertically) can help get a tighter fit around the legs. “You can also pull the extra fabric at the top of the diaper up a little at the corners to get a tighter fit around the legs. If you are able, snapping the hip snap will secure the extra waist fabric (wings) and keep them from drooping back down. We have several sets of twins that use our diapers starting at around 8 lbs and they don’t have any problems and they were both pretty skinny (5lbs when born)”.

The diaper is adjusted using the snap down rise in the front, and has four rise settings instead of the more common three.

My tall and skinny 27 pound toddler is on the highest rise setting of most of his diapers, but is on the second highest rise setting with this diaper. There is adequate room in the rise for him to grow into this diaper, however, as he is already on the outer snaps at the waist, this diaper may not last chunkier toddlers as long as advertised.

Response From Smart Bottoms: “The waist extenders” (previously mentioned in my review of the Smart Bottoms Too Smart 3.0 diaper cover) “will work on both the AIOs and the covers”. They should be available through the website in a few weeks and will come in brown, pink, and blue.

Diaper fully unsnapped:

Smart Bottoms Smart One 3.0 All In One Cloth Diaper - Fully Unsnapped

 Diaper on it’s smallest setting:

Smart Bottoms Smart One 3.0 All In One Cloth Diaper - Smallest Setting

Survey Response

Here is how I would fill out a Padded Tush Stats AIO survey based on how it worked on my 27 pound, 2 year old son (who ranges from being a normal to extremely heavy wetter).

Smart Bottoms Smart One 3.0 Survey Stats

Notes on my responses:

  • While the diaper itself was quite absorbent, scores for “absorbency” and “night diaper with additional insert” were affected by the fact that we had poop leaks with the diaper along the inner thighs.
  • This diaper lies very flat along the legs and is narrow through the crotch and back. This makes it extremely trim, but also a bit difficult to add absorbency to. I used a large Thirsties hemp insert in it during naptime and at night, but (because of where the insert is attached) wasn’t able to fit it under the diaper’s insert. Instead, I folded up the attached insert and then laid my hemp insert on top of that. The combined thickness of the inserts meant that the leg elastic didn’t lie snugly against the leg, which probably contributed to the aforementioned nighttime poop leak. (I have no explanation for the daytime poop leak).

Response From Smart Bottoms: “We do manufacture our own boosters which fit well inside of the diapers. They are hour glass shaped, come in large and small, and are available in either organic cotton/hemp or 100% organic cotton. Because of the design of the diaper we do recommend that you always check to make sure no part of the insert is sticking out around the legs, this could leaks.”

  • This diaper is similarly priced to other AIOs with organic inserts, but seems like it would only fit a child of a very specific shape for the full advertised weight range. Had the diaper been easier to add absorbency to, fit my 12.5 pound baby at all, or had additional room for my 27 pound son to grow into the waist, scores for “would recommend to a friend” and “worth the price” would likely have been higher.
  • This diaper would probably receive higher scores for “worth the price” from those people who have trouble fitting pants over their child’s cloth diaper. As my son actually NEEDS a thick diaper to help hold his pants up, the extraordinary trimness that sets this diaper apart was not as useful a feature for us. Were I addressing a friend struggling with that particular problem with her child, my scores for “would recommend to a (specific) friend” would be higher (provided their child was still slender enough to fit the diaper at the waist).
  • Having the insert unattached at one end means it dries quickly and gives you the ability to customize the absorbency, but is also more confusing and intimidating for people unfamiliar with the diaper to use. Had the insert been attached at both ends and easier to get a proper waist fit without leaving red marks, scores for “liked by skeptics” would likely have been higher.

  2 years / approximately 27 pounds

Smart Bottoms Smart One 3.0 All In One Cloth Diaper on 27 pound toddler

Smart Bottoms Smart One 3.0 All In One Cloth Diaper on 27 pound toddler

Price: 23.00

Where To Buy: You can see who carries this diaper by typing in “Smart Bottoms” at the Cloth Diaper Retailer Database ( You can compare retailers based on shipping costs, location, and even specials they have going on. Many of them even post exclusive discounts for Padded Tush Stats followers. If you buy from those with an asterisk (***) next to their name, a portion of your purchase goes towards supporting this site, so thank you in advance!

Have You Tried This Diaper?

If you have tried this diaper (or any other All In Ones!) please head on over to our All In One Diapers Survey page and take a quick, 2-minute survey on how this diaper worked for you. Survey responses go towards detailed statistical reviews. Users can also compare statistics on All In Ones by going here.




  1. Danielle D says

    I just got my first, and I think they are very well made! Without using it yet, I am agreeing with most if not all of the statements you have made! Thank you so much for these!!

    • says

      I’m curious to hear what you think after you’ve used it! I do think they’ve made some changes to the diaper recently, though, so there is the possibility that your diaper may be different than the one I reviewed :)

  2. Erin Mills says

    This diaper is AMAZING in person. I just got mine in the mail (won it – thank you Smartbottoms <3) and it is so luxuriously soft. Beautiful colors too. Thanks for the review. I can't wait to try mine out. :)

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