Imagine One Size Pocket Diaper Review

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** This review was originally written by Tara in May 2013 and the post was reformatted to include Carolyn’s experience with the diaper in November 2013. Tara’s original text has been modified only to indicate which parts she wrote in the original review, and to include updated information on pricing, colors/prints available, and where the diaper is sold. No part of the original review has been removed or changed, only added to. **

I’ve had a great love affair with the Imagine Products lately. The prefolds are soft and absorbent, the cover covers even my child’s bulkiest of diapers–even Carolyn is digging them as she is trying a newborn All-in-One. So I am so excited to show you the features of the Imagine Pocket Diaper. In this review, I will walk you through the features of the diaper, and show you how I would fill out a Padded Tush Stats Pocket Diaper Survey, based on how it worked on my two kids. ~ Tara

Imagine Pocket Diaper 3

The diaper is one size, which means it is meant to fit your baby from birth to potty training (8-35 pounds). You adjust the sizing using the “snap down rise” in the front. You snap it all the way down on the bottom row to get the smallest setting, you can snap a middle row for a medium setting, or you can have it totally unsnapped for its largest setting.

Imagine 5

Smallest Setting:
Imagine Pocket Diaper 1

Carolyn: This diaper is cut very generously in comparison to other one size diapers that I’ve tried. My toddler is growing out of most of his diapers (the rise is very low on almost all of them, and on some he’s approaching the limits of the diaper at the waist, as well) but this diaper still fits him very well! The trade off to the diaper being large enough in the rise is that it’s also a bit wide between the legs for my kids. This doesn’t affect the performance of the diaper, only the aesthetics of it (it tends to look a little bunched up and saggy). 

Pocket Diaper

This is a pocket diaper, which means there is a pocket opening (in this case, it is in the back) that you can stuff with an insert (the insert is what absorbs the pee).
Imagine 10
Imagine 12

Tara: This diaper was so easy for me to stuff, which was fantastic.

Carolyn: This diaper has one of the stretchiest and roomiest pockets that I’ve ever experienced, making it my first choice if I need a pocket diaper to use overnight (there was plenty of room to stuff the diaper with really bulky inserts and still be able to easily fit my hand inside of it). Sometimes stuffing a pocket diaper involves a wrestling match and a lot of wiggling – the PUL on the inside of this pocket is smooth and not at all sticky, which made the stuffing process quick and easy.


The top of the diaper is lined with a stay dry microfleece.

Imagine 8

Imagine 9

Tara: This stuff is SOFT. My son slept better in these because he didn’t feel much wetness.

Carolyn: I’m such a huge fan of the Imagine microfleece (I’ve mentioned wanting to sleep in it before!) It maintains it’s softness better than any other microfleece I’ve come across so that the diaper always feels fresh and new (instead of old and worn, as some stay-dry fabrics can start to feel after repeated use).

The outside is made out of a waterproof PUL fabric.

Tara: This did a great job of keeping out most leaks.

The diaper comes with an insert made of four layers of microfiber. There is a snap to allow you to snap the insert down to get it to a smaller size setting.

Imagine 13

Imagine 14

Imagine 15

Tara: This worked well for day use. It’s just your standard microfiber insert.

Carolyn: I did feel that the insert was thicker and fluffier than the standard insert included with most pocket diapers, but since microfiber seems to become flatter after extended use, it’s hard to definitively compare this new insert to the old ones in the rest of my stash. I liked the fact that insert snaps down for different sizes, though I felt that it almost made the insert too short for the corresponding rise setting (i.e., when the diaper is on it’s middle rise setting and the insert is snapped to it’s middle length setting, it ended up a bit shorter than I would have liked. The diaper still functioned perfectly, but I do prefer when the insert extends all the way from the very front to the very back of the diaper. If this is something that bothers you, though, you can always fold the insert without snapping it down.


The diaper comes with either snap closures or hook and loop closures. The hook and loop closures have laundry tabs so that you can fold the closure down and it won’t snag on other items in the wash.

Imagine 11

Imagine Pocket Diaper 2

Tara: I personally am a fan of the hook and loop closures (that’s basically like velcro…Velcro is just a brand). These have been very sturdy and work great. Even if you aren’t a hook and loop person (and despite the fact that our survey results show that most of you prefer snaps, I still think that’s crazy!), I still recommend this over the snap closure, since the hook and loop closure can allow you to OVERLAP the tabs to get a smaller fit on the baby’s waist.

Carolyn: The strip of “loop” fabric across the tummy of the hook and loop closure diaper that I was sent to try began to fray after a few uses. I contacted Imagine Baby Products to report the defect, and they promptly sent me a replacement. The hook and loop on the replacement diaper worked as intended without any further problems. 


This diaper is available in 5 solid colors, and has recently been released in 3 new print options as well.

Carolyn: The one thing that the Imagine line of products was always missing was some variety in the colors/prints that were available. The new print options are a very exciting addition to the product line, and coordinate nicely with their new line of baby leggings. The diaper I was sent to review was the new “Flutter” print, which has pink, green, and yellow butterflies on it, and is currently my favorite print of any diaper I own. Diapers need to be functional, but it’s fun when they can also be stylish. The “Flutter Polka Dot” leggings I was sent are an adorable way to accessorize an already adorable diaper.



Survey ResponsesCloth diaper reviews and statisticsTara: Here is how I would fill out a Padded Tush Stats Pocket Diaper Survey based on how it worked on my two kids. My daughter is 3 years old and she uses it for naps and nights. She is 30 pounds and is a normal wetter. My 2-year old son is also a heavy wetter and he uses this both during the day and at night. He is 26 pounds.

Imagine Pocket Diaper Review


Tara: Like I said, at first the fit was great with my kids, but my 3-year old 30-pounder is really pushing this diaper past it’s size limit, so I had to knock it down in score slightly.

Worth the price

Tara: Imagine products are so inexpensive, but yet I feel like you get the most bang for your buck. 

Night Use

Tara: I will say, I was kind of bummed about this diaper for night-time, since it didn’t have PUL across the stomach. Because of that, I did occasionally get some leaks on my son across the tummy. However, I know many of you do not like PUL up against your child’s skin, so this might be a great call for you. I got great use out of it by using a Knickernappies SuperDo. I also had wonderful luck at naptime by using a Flip Organic.


Tara: These are about as trim as your standard pocket diaper. They are definitely not as trim as something like a Geffen Baby Quick Absorbers Insert though.

Imagine Pocket 1

Imagine Pocket 2

Carolyn: Here is how I would fill out a Padded Tush Stats Pocket Diapers survey based on how it worked on my kids. My baby wakes to eat an average of 0-1 times per night, and during the time this diaper was in use both children were average to heavy wetters.

Note: Absorbency = 2-3 hours, Nap = 3-4 hours, Night = 12-14 hours


Each score is out of a possible 5 points


Child Specific Scores (Scores calculated separately for each child. If score is not attributed to particular child, it performed equally on both of them)

Absorbency: 5

Nap Diaper (As Purchased): 5

Nap Diaper (Either As Purchased Or With Additional Or Different Insert): 5

Night Diaper (As Purchased): 4

Night Diaper (Either As Purchased Or With Additional Or Different Insert): 5

Trimness: Baby – 3, Toddler – 4

Fit: 3


Overall Scores (Scores take into account all experiences with the diaper and how it performed on both kids combined)

Worth The Price: 5

Liked By Skeptics: 5

Would Recommend To A Friend: 4


Notes on my responses:

  • For nights we added a large Thirsties hemp insert, but it was absorbent enough for day and nap use with just the included microfiber insert. In the past a single microfiber insert has not lasted my toddler more than 2 hours on average (and sometimes less than that). This microfiber insert could be more absorbent than others, or my son could just be wetting less these days.
  • The diaper appeared more bulky on the baby than the toddler, though this is likely due to the baby being on the medium rise setting (so that there is extra fabric folded over in both the front of the diaper and the insert) whereas the diaper is fully extended on my toddler.
  • This diaper received an average score for “fit” on both of my children, primarily due to the width of the diaper between the legs (though it should be noted that it was no wider than many other pocket diapers on the market. My children just seem to be particularly narrow in that regard). It was very exciting to find a diaper with a high enough rise to still fit well on my toddler, though.
  • This diaper is near the very bottom of the price spectrum for pocket diapers but performs excellently.
  • Score for “liked by skeptics” reflects the fact that in my house, I do all of the diaper stuffing/preparation and clean-up. The only thing that family members and caregivers have to do is fasten the diaper on the baby, and when it is soiled they remove it and set it aside for me to handle later. For any possible “skeptics” in my life, this diaper would function like an AIO (which is as skeptic-friendly as it gets!) The score might be lower for those people who are easily overwhelmed or confused by having to deal with stuffing/unstuffing pocket diapers (though that would be a reflection of pocket diapers in general, and not of this particular diaper!)
  • My ONLY complaint about this diaper is that it does not have a strip of PUL across the tummy. The top of the diaper had a tendency to roll outward (presumably due to the wonderful stretch of the fabric) which frequently exposed the inner fabric. A PUL strip may have provided additional stability (to keep the top of the diaper from rolling) but would at least have prevented any wicking by exposing only waterproof fabric. That is the only factor that gave this diaper a score of 4 for “would recommend to a friend” instead of a 5. In all other regards it was excellent – it was soft to the touch, adorable to look at, kept leaks at bay (even overnight, with only moderate additional absorbency needed), seemed to have a higher rise than most other diapers, and came in at an amazing price point.


11.5 months / approximately 18.5 poundsImagine OS Pocket Diaper And Leggings On 18 Pound Baby

Imagine OS Pocket Diaper And Leggings On 18 Pound Baby-002

Imagine OS Pocket Diaper And Leggings On 18 Pound Baby-019

  2.5 years / approximately 30 pounds Imagine OS Pocket Diaper On 30 Pound Toddler-005

Imagine OS Pocket Diaper On 30 Pound Toddler-006


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Have You Tried This Diaper?

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  1. Karianne says

    I recently got 4 h&l diapers to use for daycare. For 2 of them, the loop part quickly frayed, and, after a little more use, started to separate from the diaper. I had to sew them back on which was not easy! Seems like there’s a 50/50 chance you’ll end up with bad loop with these diapers..

      • Karianne says

        I didn’t even think about doing it.. Guess I should have! I just figured that’s the quality of their product :-/

        • says

          Oh bummer! The ones I’ve had replaced are doing just fine, and Tara has reviewed a number of their h&l products over the years and never had a problem with the loop. The products seem to be pretty durable over time with the exception of the loop issues I’ve had (and those showed up right away and the replacement diapers have always been fine). If you have any further issues you should contact them (or, depending on how long it’s been, maybe it’s not too late to do so?) :)

  2. Karianne says

    I love this diaper, but it runs on the larger side. I doubt it will fit from birth, as it is one of the largest diapers we have in rotation (even on the smallest setting).

    • says

      It’s so funny that I agree with you that it is pretty large, yet Tara found it to be rather small. Just goes to show how much the shape of your baby comes into play in these things! :)


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