RearZ “Better Than Organic” Unbleached Indian Prefold Review

Although RearZ provided this diaper for review, it did not impact the opinions reflected in this post.

The more time I spend speaking with other cloth diapering parents, the more I come to realize that my children are heavier wetters than I’d previously thought. Granted, there are fluctuations during illnesses and growth spurts, but at the very least, almost all night and nap diapers (for both my baby and toddler) require a second, highly absorbent layer in order to avoid wet clothes and sheets upon waking. I’m actually a huge fan of prefolds, but rarely get more than 2 hours use out of them. You can imagine how surprised I was, then, when the RearZ “Better Than Organic” Prefolds lasted each child 4-5 hours without any boosters (and 13-15 hours overnight with a little help!) In this review I’ll break down the features of the diaper, and explain in more detail how it worked on my baby and toddler.

RearZ "Better Than Organic" Unbleached Indian Prefold Cloth Diaper - Trifolded


The diapers are made in Pakistan of 100% cotton, and are not treated with chemicals during any part of the manufacturing process (from planting the seeds, to creating the diapers, to packaging them for mail). The diapers have undergone 3rd party lab testing to ensure that the finished product is free of heavy metals or harmful chemicals.

The prefolds arrive flat and stiff (see below photo) but become soft and fluffy after a few washes. Because the diapers are a double weave (for extra strength and durability) they may take 4-5 washes to become fully prepped and lint-free.

RearZ "Better Than Organic" Unbleached Indian Prefold Cloth Diaper - Unprepped

I’ve had a lot of prefolds that don’t “quilt up” all the way after being prepped, and while they still function fine, it always bugs me that they look odd. These prefolds quilted up perfectly, and it was very satisfying to see a prefold look the way it is supposed to!


The diaper comes in 6 sizes. Newborn (fits approximately 4-10 pounds), Small (fits approximately 6-14 pounds), Small Night (which is the same size as the Small, but has 2 extra layers in the center of the diaper for additional absorbency), Infant (fits approximately 8-16 pounds), Medium (fits approximately 15-30 pounds), and Large (fits approximately 30-45 pounds).

I was sent the Infant size for use on my 13 pound, 5 month old, and a Medium size for use on my 27 pound, 2 year old. I was able to use a Snappi or Boingo to fasten the prefolds on them initially (as seen in the photos below) but it was a close fit, and they both outgrew the width of the diaper during the time it was being reviewed. However, the diapers were the perfect length to fit trifolded inside a cover, and the absorbency was more than adequate for each of them as well.

Survey Response

Here is how I would fill out a Padded Tush Stats Prefolds, Flats, and Contours survey based on how it worked on my kids. My baby is a heavy wetter, and my toddler ranges from normal to extremely heavy. (Data was collected for my baby and toddler separately, but as the results were the same for both of them, only one survey is displayed).

RearZ Better Than Organic Prefold Survey Stats

Notes on my responses:

  • As seen in the photos below, while it was possible to use a Snappi or Boingo to close the diaper around my kids, they are both very skinny. If you prefer to fasten prefolds, instead of trifolding them, you may need to size up (particularly if your baby is chunky). During the review process I came to prefer them trifolded, as it provided additional absorbency where it was needed most, and fit perfectly inside a diaper cover.
  • Score for “trimness” is for the diaper being trifolded, as that was how I most frequently used it. The diaper was similar in bulk to other prefolds I’ve tried, and thus received an average score (when fastened the diaper received a “5” for trimness – see photo below of a Boingo’d prefold under a Flip cover). 
  • Prefolds in general can be overwhelming for those not familiar with cloth diapers. Score for “liked by skeptics” reflects primarily the fact that it is a prefold (and not anything in particular about this specific prefold). If you are a person who likes prefolds as a whole, you will most likely also like these.
  • I was truly amazed that this diaper lasted for naptime without anything else, particularly with my toddler (who has a habit of peeing through daytime diapers no matter what I do to them!) I also did not expect the diaper to last overnight, even with additional absorbency, but it did! (I used a large Thirsties hemp insert with both children). I was initially tempted to brush it off by saying that they both must have been going through a light-wetting phase, but other diapers tested during this same time frame did not perform nearly as well.
  • The diapers are at the higher end of the price spectrum for organic cotton prefolds. Scores for “worth the price” and “would recommend to a friend” reflect the fact that they are highly absorbent and can be used overnight with very minor additions, which makes them more versatile than many other prefolds (and cheaper than many other nighttime diapering solutions). The diapers are also organic and certified to be free of harmful chemicals, which may provide many parents with peace of mind.

 5 months / approximately 13 pounds

RearZ "Better Than Organic" Unbleached Indian Prefold Cloth Diaper on 13 pound, 5 month old baby

 2 years / approximately 27 pounds

RearZ "Better Than Organic" Unbleached Indian Prefold Cloth Diaper on toddler

RearZ "Better Than Organic" Unbleached Indian Prefold Cloth Diaper on toddler under Flip diaper cover


Price: Newborn prefolds are sold in 12-packs for $13.99 (or $1.17 per diaper). All other sizes are sold in 6-packs and range from $13.99-29.99 ($2.33-5.00 per diaper) depending on the size purchased.

Where To Buy: You can see who carries this diaper by typing in “RearZ” at the Cloth Diaper Retailer Database ( You can compare retailers based on shipping costs, location, and even specials they have going on. Many of them even post exclusive discounts for Padded Tush Stats followers. If you buy from those with an asterisk (***) next to their name, a portion of your purchase goes towards supporting this site, so thank you in advance!

Have You Tried This Diaper?

If you have tried this diaper (or any other prefold, flat, or contour diaper!) please head on over to our Prefolds, Flats, and Contours survey page and take a quick, 2-minute survey on how this diaper worked for you. Survey responses go towards detailed statistical reviews. Users can also compare statistics on prefolds, flats, and contours by going here.


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