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Microfiber is getting kinda old, right? I mean, it is awesome, and I love it for my fast-peeing kids….BUT, I also love it when companies think outside of the box and come up with a product that doesn’t use a microfiber insert. So in this review, I’m showing you one of these companies. I’ll show you the features of the Moraki cloth diaper and show how I would fill out a Padded Tush Stats pocket diaper survey based on how it worked for my two kids.

Moraki Pocket Cloth Diaper Review


The diaper is one size, which means it is meant to fit your baby from birth to potty training (7-40+ pounds). You adjust the sizing using the four-row snap down rise in the front.

Moraki Pocket Cloth Diaper - Front View

Moraki Pocket Cloth Diaper - Front View Unsnapped

I used the diaper on the medium setting for both of my kids (who are in the 26-29 pound range), but the large setting at night.


The diaper comes with snap closures, including wing snaps to ensure that the wings of the diaper don’t droop down.
Moraki Pocket Cloth Diaper - Smallest Setting

OK, y’all know me, I much prefer the hook and loop–so I am disappointed that there is no option for that. But the snaps did seem to work well.


The inside of the diaper is made out of 100% polyester, a stay dry fabric that limits the amount of wetness the baby feels.

Moraki Pocket Cloth Diaper - Interior

The outside is made out of a waterproof PUL that comes in some cute prints.

Moraki Pocket Cloth Diaper - Back View

Moraki Pocket Cloth Diaper - Side View

There is a small strip of PUL across the stomach of the diaper on the inside to help prevent leaks.

I really like pocket diapers that have this across the stomach–this is great for my tummy-sleeping toddler because it prevents wicking of moisture at the stomach.

Pocket Diaper/”Envelope Opening”

The diaper is a pocket diaper, which means that there is an opening in the diaper where you stuff in an insert. In this diaper, it is called an “envelope opening” and is almost in the middle of the diaper.

Moraki Pocket Cloth Diaper - Envelope (Pocket) Opening

This is the one thing I am not a huge fan of with this diaper. Sadly, the insert did not agitate itself out in the wash, so I would have to pull it out–and pulling an insert out right in the middle of the diaper means I’m touching lots of wetness, so I wasn’t a huge fan of that.


The insert is made out of 55% Hemp and 45% Organic Cotton. It has a tunnel-like structure to make for faster drying time. You can purchase one of these with the diaper or purchase just the cover. Because both hemp and cotton can lay against your baby’s skin, you could also use this as an all in two for a lighter wetter.

I say lighter because the inside of the cover got damp with my kids and smelled like pee, so I couldn’t use it as an All in Two.

Comment from company: “For AI2 use, it sounds like you need to add an extra insert.  The poly lining should not be wet or stinky, if it is, that’s a good indicator you aren’t using enough absorption layers”.

My note: I used more layers and it was slightly less stinky, but still had the issue–plus with two it was a bit bulky for day use, but if you have a lighter wetter, you may not have this issue.

Moraki Pocket Cloth Diaper - Insert

I found that the one size insert stood up well during the day. At nap-time, I used that along with their small insert (which you can purchase separately) and with that combo it was bullet-proof. It didn’t quite stand up at night-time, so I stuffed it with the Knickernappies SuperDo and it worked great. One thing that really impresses me about the one size insert is how trim it is (not as trim as a pocket diaper with a Geffen Baby Quick Absorbers Plus insert or a flat, but still pretty trim).

Note from company: “Moraki diapers were designed to hold up overnight (inspiration from my heavy wetting babe, who turned out to be the ultimate tester!)…My 2.5 year old uses 4 medium inserts overnight, if that helps give some perspective.”


$27 (cover only)

$31 (with one size insert)

I found the price to be pretty high, especially if you just buy the cover. But even with the insert–$31 is pretty steep to me.

These diapers are made in San Diego, CA.

Survey Response

Here is how I would fill out a Padded Tush Stats Pocket Diapers Survey based on how it worked on my two little ones. My two year old son is 27 pounds and my 3 1/2 year old daughter (who used this for naps and nights) is 29 pounds. Both are normal wetters, but fast peers.

Moraki Pocket Cloth Diaper Survey Statistics

Moraki 1

Moraki 2

Where to Buy: To see who carries them, just type “Moraki” at the top of the table at You can see what retailers carry them and compare things like shipping, location, and even the specials going on.

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    • BoiseFamily says

      I like that it’s patriotic but doesn’t actually have a flag on it. There’s something about sitting and/or pooping on our flag that bothers me.

  1. Kenia Cervantes says

    I fell in love with these diapers immediately! I would love to test one out before going all in! I just love that they are made in my home state by loving mommas like us!

  2. Laura says

    This diaper is so cute! I like the snaps, the fabric, the size range, the PUL on the stomach, etc. I don’t like the price. :(

  3. Laura P says

    I’m interested to try one of these diapers – I don’t have any in my stash, but I’ve heard about them a lot. 4 medium inserts at night seems crazy! Wouldn’t that make for a VERY fluffy bum?

    I do like the wing snaps and the strip of PUL for tummy sleepers. I do agree the price seems steep, especially if you’re having to buy so many inserts!

    Thanks for the review!


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