“If I Could Cloth Diaper TWO All Over Again”

This article is part of our “If I could cloth diaper all over again” series where we talk all about what we would buy if we could start cloth diapering all over again. This series includes posts from both of us on what cloth diaper products we would recommend if we could do it all over again, as well as the results from our “If I could cloth diaper all over again” survey completed by readers here at Padded Tush Stats.

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When I started cloth diapering TWO kids at once, I came across an interesting discovery…I noticed that when I was using All in Twos, I was washing every 2-3 days. When I was using All in Ones, Pocket Diaper, Fitteds, etc. I was washing diapers every 1-2 days. Thing is, you can buy all the diapers in the world, but really what it all comes down to is what will fit in one load of laundry. THAT is how many cloth diapers you want to strive to buy (that and a few to get buy while the diapers are washing and drying).

If I could cloth diaper all over again series

So I did a little experiment. I stuffed my wet bag as tight as possible with all in twos. I used no-fold inserts (like Softbums, Applecheeks, Geffen, Ragababe, and Imagine) and I put in 1 cover for every 4 inserts that I put in. I also included 3 Knickernappies SuperDo inserts, working under the assumption that I would want night inserts in there too. I counted how many diapers were in there and counted up enough diapers for 40 diaper changes.

Here is a picture of everything that I put into the wet bag:


I then stuffed that same wet bag as tight as possible with pocket diapers and all in ones. I used an assortment of AIOs and pockets, such as Imagine, bumGenius, Kawaii, Tots Bots, and FuzziBunz. I also added 2 Knickernappies SuperDos to represent night inserts, as well as one RearZ Fitted and a cover. I counted enough diapers to equal 20 diaper changes.

Here is a picture of everything that I stuffed into that wet bag:



And again, here is a picture of those wet bags side by side: If I could cloth diaper all over again series

No wonder I was having to wash cloth diapers so much! So if you are trying to lengthen the amount of time between diaper washes (or heck, if you are trying to save money on laundry bills), All in Twos might be a great choice for you. This is especially my suggestion for those of you who will cloth diaper two at once and if I could cloth diaper two all over again–I would absolutely stick with All in Twos. The last thing you want to do while handling two (or more!) little ones is wash diapers every 1-2 days.

For those of you who have cloth diapered TWO at once, please comment below and share some of your tips and suggestions.

Do you have any suggestions on what you would do differently if you were to start your cloth diapering journey all over again? Feel free to write your own post, grab the button to link back to our series, and then submit your link here for everyone else to read! 
If I could cloth diaper all over again


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  1. Martha says

    Within 9 months of cloth diapering twins, I switched, exclusively, to flats and covers for this very reason. There just wasn’t enough room in the washing mashine for all the pockets.

  2. Amy Wright says

    Interesting article. I never considered how much space the different types might take up in a laundry pail or washer. With one in diapers, this isn’t an issue, but with two in diapers, I agree: I would want to bulk up on AI2s.

  3. Happily Southern says

    I really like the comparison between how much laundry pockets and AIOs take up… My sister has said she doesn’t want to cloth diaper if she ever has kids because of the laundry, but I was telling her about this post today and I think she might change her mind with AI2s.

  4. Amanda says

    I agree with Jill. I cloth diapered my daughter and found that if I pushed washing to day 3 the ammonia odor could knock your socks off and I found them harder to clean. What I would do different, personally is have the All in 2 diapers. Just before she was done with diapers I started that and like it a lot more that fitted and pockets.

  5. Jill S says

    If it were me, I would NOT try and stretch out a laundry routine.. every 2 days. rain, shine, or natural disaster…otherwise the stinkies can creep in..

  6. Michelle Lee Anne says

    Michael was potty training when Mavick was born but still using overnight diapers. We loved SoftBums and did Omnis for Michael since he was bigger (and we prefer Omnis for overnight anyways) and Echos for Mavick right from birth!

  7. Kaitlin says

    I have found that I LOVE my AIOs (bumGenius Elementals old style) and OS pockets (Sunbaby, Alva, and some no brands that open at both ends) so about 14 changes for my baby under 6 months and prefolds and OS covers (5-6) for my 2 year old. I wash every other day and going two days fills up my 5-gallon bucket I keep the diapers in. I wish I had thought of that system before my son was born. In truth it was an accident, but I really prefer it to just prefolds and covers, which is what we did with my daughter.

  8. Elyse says

    I love using AI2s (I guess AI3s… they are gdiapers) while CDing two at once. It helped that I washed the gpants and gpouches separately from the inserts so I could go 2-3 days between washing diapers. I wash the “covers” 1-2x a week with the kids’ clothes. Although our OS diapers work great on both kids and I like having them on hand just in case, I preferred using a sized system with the same inserts for all three sizes. For one, I only do 10-20% of the diaper changes so sized diapers meant I didn’t have to worry about instructions for sizing the diapers properly for each kid. No fuss — they just worked. Plus, I didn’t have to spend time snapping up and down rises when I did change diapers. To make sure sizes didn’t get confused I started out buying smalls and larges in the same three colors and mediums in three different colors. Now hubs and I can easily recognize different sizes, but when I leave diapers for another caregiver I leave out specific colors for each kid to keep things simple — “blues for J and red C” for example.

  9. LizE says

    If you can, we found it easiest to buy cds that fit both the kiddos very well. That way we could always share. For us, that option was OS Bottlmbumpers.


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