Ragababe Newborn “Snapped” Easy All In One Cloth Diaper Review

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When I was testing the Ragababe Newborn “Easy” All In One (AIO), I was ALSO testing out another Ragababe diaper that hadn’t been disclosed to the public until recently – the Ragababe Newborn “Snapped” Easy AIO! (Trust me, this was a HARD secret to keep while they were finalizing the design!) The “New Generation” of Ragababe diapers all have stronger laundry tabs, a thicker PUL outer that will resist pilling over time, and a double thick lining. (You can tell if your diaper is one of the “New Generation” by checking the care tag inside the diaper – if it has a single star by the “Ragababe” logo, it’s the old style. If it has two stars, then it is the new style). These features apply to all sizes of new Ragababe “Easy” AIOs. The rest of the features discussed in this review are available ONLY on the newborn sized AIOs. In this review, I’ll finally have a chance to outline the changes that have been made, and tell you how the diaper worked on my baby girl.

Ragababe Newborn "Snapped" Easy All In One Cloth Diaper - Front View


This diaper is an AIO, which means that the absorbent components of the diaper (3 layers of bamboo rayon) are attached to the waterproof PUL outer (no additional cover is needed). The soaker is sewn down along the sides and back of the diaper.

The center of the diaper is lined with organic cotton sherpa, though the edges and back of the diaper are still lined in suedecloth to resist wicking.

Ragababe Newborn "Snapped" Easy All In One Cloth Diaper - Interior Lining

The “Last-Ever” elastic in the legs is advertised to never need replacing, and is designed to lay flat on the baby’s skin without curling.

Ragababe Newborn "Snapped" Easy All In One Cloth Diaper - Last-Ever Leg Elastics

This diaper always impressed me with it’s fit around the legs. The elastic was tight enough to prevent any leaks, but not so tight that it left any marks.

The wide “comfort-fit” waistband is gathered in the back with elastic as well, in order to prevent poop from leaking out the back of the diaper.

NOTE: The diaper photographed was a prototype, and changes were made to it before beginning production. The waistband of the current diapers are lined with suedecloth (instead of organic cotton sherpa, as seen below) to resist wicking out the back of the diaper.

Ragababe Newborn "Snapped" Easy All In One Cloth Diaper - Comfort-Fit Waistband

This was one diaper where I never wished that it had more stretch, because there was plenty of it! The generous elastic gave me plenty of room to maneuver the diaper to snap it on Emily, but then pulled snug against her waist after I removed my hand.

The diaper has an additional strip of PUL along the inside of the diaper against the tummy, which helps prevent the interior fabric of the diaper from rolling up and being exposed.

Ragababe Newborn "Snapped" Easy All In One Cloth Diaper - PUL Tummy Strip


The diaper came with an additional diaper liner that is made of 2 layers of 100% organic cotton sherpa.

While this diaper has a pocket opening in the front, I never attempted to stuff the liner inside of it. In circumstances when we needed extra absorbency, I simply laid it on top of the diaper and tucked the front of the liner under the PUL strip at the tummy.Ragababe Newborn "Snapped" Easy All In One Cloth Diaper - Pocket Opening


This diaper has snap closures and maintains the trademark Ragababe star on the tabs.

The snaps are color coded, so that it’s easy to fasten them to the same snap on each side.

Ragababe Newborn "Snapped" Easy All In One Cloth Diaper - Color Coded Snaps

The diaper has a lower row of snaps that can be used to fasten the diaper on extra small babies. (The minimum weight range of this diaper is 2 pounds less than that of the hook and loop version because of this feature).

Umbilical Cord Snap-Down
This diaper has a snap in the center of the front to make the diaper dip underneath the umbilical stump as it heals. The PUL strip along the tummy ensures that the inner material of the diaper stays covered (thus preventing wicking).

Ragababe Newborn "Snapped" Easy All In One Cloth Diaper - Umbilical Cord Snap-Down

By the time I received this diaper Emily’s cord stump had healed and the snap-down was never used. However, I love the fact that only PUL is exposed by the snap-down. It makes me uneasy to snap down the front of a diaper and see the inner fabric exposed (even if it won’t necessarily wick moisture onto clothing, I WORRY that it will, all the same!)


This newborn sized diaper is said to fit from 4-12 pounds (for comparison, the newborn hook and loop AIO is said to fit from 6-15 pounds). It does not have crossover snaps.

We received this diaper when Emily was 3 weeks old and 7.5 pounds, and it lasted until she was 10 weeks old and 10.5 pounds. When we received the diaper she was already large enough (at 7.5 pounds) that we did not have to use the umbilical snap-down and lower set of snaps, so I believe that it most likely would have fit as soon as the company advertises. It appears that it would truly fit a tiny baby, even without the use of crossover snaps. Emily outgrew the rise of this diaper but still had plenty of room in the waist, so shorter/chunkier babies would likely be able to continue wearing it for longer than Emily did.



Survey Response

Here is how I would fill out a Padded Tush Stats All In One survey based on how it worked on my daughter. Scores were averaged across the time period that she used the diaper (e.g., a diaper that received a 4 for absorbency at 2 weeks old but only a 2 for absorbency at 6 weeks old would receive an overall score of 3). She is a normal to heavy wetter.

Note: Absorbency = 2-3 hours, Nap = 3-4 hours, Night = 12-14 hours

Ragababe Newborn "Snapped" Easy All In One Cloth Diaper Survey Stats

Notes on my responses:

  • This diaper performed almost identically to the old version of the Ragababe Newborn “Easy” AIO with hook and loop. Just like I stated in that review, this diaper immediately became one of our favorite newborn diapers, and was used anytime we needed to be out of the house for an extended period of time because it never leaked and was easy to handle during diaper changes. My sole concern is that at it’s current price point, the diaper is close to double the price of other newborn AIOs. It absolutely performed better than many of them, but I’m not sure ANY newborn diaper is technically worth paying that much money for. I started cloth diapering as a way to save money, so that is a factor with this diaper that I struggle with. (Though since this diaper is always in high demand and often out of stock, there are obviously many people who disagree with me!) Were the price lower, scores for “worth the price” and “would recommend to a friend” would have been 5’s.

5 weeks / Approximately 8.5 pounds

Ragababe Newborn "Snapped" Easy All In One Cloth Diaper on 8.5 Pound Baby - Front

Ragababe Newborn "Snapped" Easy All In One Cloth Diaper on 8.5 Pound Baby - Side


Where To Buy

Ragababe diapers can be purchased from their website, and dates that the products will be available for purchase can be seen on their Stocking Schedule.

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