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Sustainablebabyish fitted diapers are often recommended as overnight solutions for babies of all sizes, but I had no idea that they made newborn diapers until I was sent the Snapless-Mini fitted diaper for review! In this post I will walk you through the features of the diaper and explain how this “mini” version of their already popular diaper worked on my little girl.


This is a fitted diaper, which means that the entire diaper is made of absorbent material and is not waterproof on its own (it requires a cover to be fully waterproof).Sustainablebabyish newborn  (1 of 5)

The diaper is made of a blend of heavy bamboo and organic cotton terry fabrics.

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Once prepped, the fabric resembled a slightly fuzzy towel. I was impressed with how much stretch the fabric had to it—you could pull the wings out wide to get a good fit around the waist without worrying that it would end up too tight.

The leg elastics are turned and topstitched, and there is a generous amount of elastic along the back of the diaper.

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Newborn babies are famous for their explosive poop, but we never had any leaks with this diaper.


This diaper comes with an extra-small 3-layer organic bamboo fleece doubler for added absorbency, and additional doublers can be purchased from the manufacturer’s website.

If you’ve used the Sustainablebabyish Snapless-Multi fitted or Overnight Bamboo Fleece fitted, then you’ll recognize this doubler as a smaller version of the ones that come with those diapers. The doubler tended to twist and become misshapen each time it was washed and dried, but it is easy to flatten them out before each use.


This diaper does not have hook and loop or snap closure options. Instead, you fasten it around the baby using diaper pins, Snappis, or Boingos. This allows you to get a custom fit around the waist and means that you won’t have to worry about the closures breaking or wearing out over time.

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I’ve never been brave enough to try diaper pins, so we always used a Snappi to fasten the diaper. This fabric can sometimes be hard for the “teeth” of the Snappi to grab, but it wasn’t so difficult that it deterred me from using the diaper (it might have taken a few attempts to get the Snappi on well, but it always ended up working!)


This diaper comes in a neutral fabric with a choice of 5 different colored trims.Sustainablebabyish newborn  (2 of 5)

I was sent the “honey” colored diaper for review, which had a neutral orange/brown trim. It would be fun if the rest of the diaper was colorful as well, but the “neutral fabric with colored trim” is part of Sustainablebabyish’s signature style.


This diaper is advertised to fit from 5-15 pounds. You can fold down the front of the diaper to adjust the rise for a smaller baby, or leave it fully extended to accommodate a larger baby.

This was one of the diapers that lasted Emily the longest. We started using cloth diapers on Emily when her cord stump fell off (when she was approximately 2 weeks old and 7 pounds), and this diaper fit her from then until she was 19.5 pounds (1 year, 5 months old). She outgrew the diaper across her bum (the rise and fit around the waist were still appropriate at that time). The diaper stopped being absorbent enough for night use at 12.5 pounds (19 weeks) but continued to be used for daytime and naps until it no longer fit well.



Survey Response

Here is how I would fill out a Padded Tush Stats Fitted Diapers Survey based on how it worked on my daughter. Scores were averaged across the time period that she used the diaper (e.g., a diaper that received a 4 for absorbency at 2 weeks old but only a 2 for absorbency at 6 weeks old would receive an overall score of 3). She is a normal to heavy wetter.

Note: Absorbency = 2-3 hours, Nap = 3-4 hours, Night = 12-14 hours

For all absorbency related scores: 5 = no leaks or wetness, 4 = outside of diaper damp, 3 = clothing damp, 2 = clothing/bedding wet, 1 = dripping wet

Sustainablebabyish Snapless-Mini Newborn Fitted Diaper Survey Scores

Notes on my responses:

  • This diaper was one of the ones that worked the best for the longest period of time—we were able to use it overnight for a bit over 4 months, and then we continued to use it during naptime for an additional year after that! Had we purchased the additional doublers, we might have been able to use it at night for even longer.
  • Fitted diapers always tend to be on the pricier side, and this newborn fitted diaper was no exception (it was one of the more expensive newborn diapers that I tried). However, score for “worth the price” reflects the fact that the diaper sized down small enough that we were able to use it right away, and then fit until Emily was WELL beyond the newborn stage. Emily has always been petite, but this diaper would likely still fit larger babies for a longer time period than most newborn diapers do.
  • Score for “liked by skeptics” reflects the fact that the diaper didn’t have a closure built into it. Pins, Snappis, and Boingos can be intimidating for those who haven’t used them before, which makes this less of a “skeptic-friendly” diaper than something with hook and loop would be.

 7.5 weeks / 9.5 pounds

SBish Snapless Fitted (Mini)-001

SBish Snapless Fitted (Mini)-007

Where To Buy

You can see who carries this diaper by typing in “Sustainablebabyish” at the Cloth Diaper Retailer Database ( You can compare retailers based on shipping costs, location, and even specials they have going on. Many of them even post exclusive discounts for Padded Tush Stats followers. If you buy from those with an asterisk (***) next to their name, a portion of your purchase goes towards supporting this site, so thank you in advance!

Have You Tried This Diaper?

If you have tried this diaper (or any other fitted diapers) please head on over to our Fitted Diapers Survey page and take a quick, 2-minute survey on how this diaper worked for you. Survey results can be viewed on the Fitted Diaper Statistics page and are also used to write detailed statistical reviews (a complete list of which can be found on our Cloth Diaper and Product Reviews page).



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  1. May T. says

    I use the snapless one-size and it’s so great! And my baby is still tiny and could probably use the mini, but we’ve been using the one-size since she was about 12 pounds. It’s a really great diaper.

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