Koala Huggerz Newborn Huggerz All In One Cloth Diaper Review

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There’s no denying that tiny newborn diapers (just like tiny newborn clothes) evoke a certain kind of response–either nostalgia for the days when your baby was brand new, or anticipation of the day that you’ll have your own brand new baby to dress in such things. When we first released photos of the diapers I would be testing when Emily was born, the one that people overwhelmingly asked about was “the panda diaper”, or the Koala Huggerz Newborn All In One. In this review I will walk you through the features of the diaper, and explain how it worked when I finally had my own tiny baby to put it on.

Koala Huggerz Newborn Huggerz All In One Cloth Diaper - Front


This diaper is an All In One (AIO) which means that the absorbent layers of the diaper are attached to the waterproof layers. As everything is sewn in place, using this diaper requires no more steps than a disposable diaper—you fasten the clean diaper on the baby, and when it has been soiled you can place it in the diaper pail without having to un-assemble it.

This AIO is lined with microfleece, which wicks moisture away from the baby’s skin and into the interior of the diaper, ensuring that the baby feels dry.

Koala Huggerz Newborn Huggerz All In One Cloth Diaper - Interior

Even after repeated washings, the interior of this diaper feels soft and cozy. I like putting my babies in fabrics that I’d enjoy having against my skin, and snuggly fleece always seems particularly well-suited for tiny newborn babies.

Different AIOs handle the absorbent component of the diaper in different ways (it can be completely sewn down or only sewn at one or more sides). The insert in this diaper is fully integrated into the diaper and sewn down. This means that there are no extra pieces to coordinate or properly arrange—everything is exactly where it needs to be.

Koala Huggerz Newborn Huggerz All In One Cloth Diaper - Bamboo Insert

The insert is made of bamboo, which is a natural fiber that doesn’t withhold odors the same way synthetic fabrics are prone to doing.

Koala Huggerz Newborn Huggerz All In One Cloth Diaper - Bamboo Insert

The diaper has a generous amount of elastic along the legs and back of it, so that you can easily stretch the diaper to get a good fit at the waist and legs.


This diaper is available in snap closure (there is no hook and loop option). There is one snap on each wing to fasten the diaper.

Koala Huggerz Newborn Huggerz All In One Cloth Diaper - Bamboo Insert

There are two rows on the front of the diaper to fasten the wings to. When the umbilical snap-down is in use, you fasten the wings of the diaper to the lower row of snaps. When the baby is larger and the rise is fully extended, you can fasten the wings of the diaper to the top row of snaps.


This diaper is available in 3 prints and 5 solid colors.

Koala Huggerz Newborn Huggerz All In One Cloth Diaper - Side View

I was sent this diaper in the Panda print to review. As previously mentioned, the print of this diaper made it stand out in early releases of the newborn diapers I would be reviewing. Tiny diapers in adorable prints are definitely enticing when you’re pregnant or planning a newborn diaper stash!


This diaper is advertised to fit from 4-13 pounds.

Emily wore this diaper from the time she was 7 pounds (2 weeks old) to 14.5 pounds (28 weeks old), when she sized out of the diaper at the rise and waist. We did not begin using cloth diapers until Emily’s cord stump fell off, so I cannot attest to how it would fit on a baby smaller than 7 pounds.


$13.60 for solid colors, $15.20 for prints

Survey Response

Here is how I would fill out a Padded Tush Stats All In One Diapers Survey based on how it worked on my daughter. Scores were averaged across the time period that she used the diaper (e.g., a diaper that received a 4 for absorbency at 2 weeks old but only a 2 for absorbency at 6 weeks old would receive an overall score of 3). She is a heavy wetter.

Note: Absorbency = 2-3 hours, Nap = 3-4 hours, Night = 12-14 hours

For all absorbency related scores: 5 = no leaks or wetness, 4 = outside of diaper damp, 3 = clothing damp, 2 = clothing/bedding wet, 1 = dripping wet

Each score is out of a possible 5 points


Absorbency: 3

Nap Diaper (As Purchased): N/A

Nap Diaper (Either As Purchased Or With Additional Or Different Insert): N/A

Night Diaper (As Purchased): N/A

Night Diaper (Either As Purchased Or With Additional Or Different Insert): N/A

Trimness: 5

Fit: 3

Worth The Price: 2

Liked By Skeptics: 2

Would Recommend To A Friend: 2


Notes on my responses:

  • Due to low scores on its own for daytime use, this diaper was never used for nap or night use.
  • This diaper was EXCEPTIONALLY trim. The trade-off for trimness, however, is absorbency—if you want a highly absorbent diaper you usually have to sacrifice some trimness, and vice versa. This diaper was simply not absorbent enough for my heavy wetter. Because newborn diapers are so small, it is generally difficult to add extra absorbency to them (doing so typically leads to leg gaping). We were able to trifold a preemie sized prefold inside of it, but that was unfortunately not enough absorbency to prevent leaks. Absorbency scores may be higher for light to average wetting babies.
  • Scores for “liked by skeptics”, “worth the price”, and “would recommend to a friend” reflected our struggles with absorbency. Those with lighter wetting babies may report higher scores for all domains.


 6 weeks / approximately 9 pounds

Koala Huggerz Newborn Huggerz All In One Cloth Diaper on 6 week/9 pound baby

Koala Huggerz Newborn Huggerz All In One Cloth Diaper on 6 week/9 pound baby

Where To Buy

You can see who carries this diaper by typing in “Koala Huggerz” at the Cloth Diaper Retailer Database (www.clothdiaperretailers.com). You can compare retailers based on shipping costs, location, and even specials they have going on. Many of them even post exclusive discounts for Padded Tush Stats followers. If you buy from those with an asterisk (***) next to their name, a portion of your purchase goes towards supporting this site, so thank you in advance!

Have You Tried This Diaper?

If you have tried this diaper (or any other all in one diapers!) please head on over to our All In Ones Survey page and take a quick, 2-minute survey on how this diaper worked for you. Survey results can be viewed on the All In Ones Statistics page and are also used to write detailed statistical reviews (a complete list of which can be found on our Cloth Diaper and Product Reviews page).



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