Tara & Carolyn’s Top Picks for 2014 – Pocket Diapers

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Between the two of us, we have tested over 200 cloth diapering products. Because of this, we’ve developed some pretty strong opinions on what products have worked for our kids. So in our Top Picks event, we are showing you all of our favorites.

Tara and Carolyn's Top Cloth Diaper Picks

In this post, we are talking about our favorite Pocket Diapers.

Imagine One Size Pocket Diaper

Why I Like It

Carolyn: My focus this year was on finding products that would work equally well on my petite daughter and extra tall son (and since I was having to buy new diapers to accommodate his height, it was important to me that they come in at an affordable price!). The Imagine Baby Products OS pocket diaper has an incredibly stretchy and roomy pocket (which is important when you have heavy wetters who need extra absorbency!), was released this year in adorable new prints, has the tallest rise of any diaper I’ve tried, and was very reasonably priced. When Nathan finally potty trained, this was one of the only diapers that still fit him. If your child ends up outgrowing most of their diapers, I highly recommend this one!

Imagine 6

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Diaper Safari One Size Pocket Diaper

Why I Like It

Carolyn: This was the only other pocket diaper in our stash that fit Nathan when he potty trained, and is one of the ones I still use most frequently on Emily. I love that it has hip snaps and crossover snaps (so that it fit Emily well when she was a tiny baby) and since it’s lined with suedecloth (instead of microfleece), I felt like it was a better diapering option for the hot summer months. The Diaper Safari products simply fit my children well, and since they’re frequently available in some kind of sale (at the time of  writing this they are currently “Buy 2, Get 1 free”, and I’ve made use of similar deals multiple times over the last year.) It makes the individual cost per diaper even lower than their already reasonable price point. This is a versatile pocket diaper that gives you amazing bang for your buck, and I’d recommend it for a variety of baby sizes. 

Note: Diaper Safari has let us know that they will be revamping this product, and that fans can expect to see the new OS pocket diaper for sale in the summer. I’ve been told that the changes will be rather dramatic (but should add some additional awesome features!) so if you are interested in purchasing this cover, you’ll want to double check if it is the one I’ve used over the past year, or the new version!


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We’d love to hear what YOUR favorite pocket diapers are. Have you tried either of these? Do you have another favorite one? Let us know in the comments, and then enter below for your chance to win our favorite items!

Please fill out our Pocket Diapers Survey for all of the products you have tried. Later this year we will have our Diaper Awards event featuring the favorites of our readers based on responses to our surveys.

Also, don’t forget to check in every day from now until June 20. We will have daily posts featuring our FAVORITE cloth diapering products–and every day, you’ll have a chance to win one. We will also have a grand prize giveaway at the end of the event.

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  1. Jen H says

    I havent tried either of these! My only pockets are bg4.0’s that i stuff with prefolds and i love them


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