Tara & Carolyn’s Top Picks for 2014 – Covers (Part 2)

Between the two of us, we have tested over 200 cloth diapering products. Because of this, we’ve developed some pretty strong opinions on what products have worked for our kids. So in our Top Picks event, we are showing you all of our favorites.

Tara and Carolyn's Top Cloth Diaper Picks

In this post, we are talking about our favorite Covers. Yesterday you got to hear of some of Tara’s picks, but today you get to hear about Carolyn’s!

Thirsties Duo Wrap

Why I Like It

Carolyn: With two in diapers, this year was all about finding products that worked well on both of them (and since Nathan was big for his age and rapidly sizing out of everything we owned, that was a greater challenge than anticipated!).  I’d used the size 1 Duo Wraps on Nathan when he was a baby, but until this year had never tried the size 2 version! The product says it should fit babies from 18-40 pounds, but I started using it on Emily without issue when she was around 15 pounds, and it still fit Nathan when he potty trained at 3 years old and 32 pounds. It has a generous cut and double leg gussets, which meant that I could use it over trim diapers (like padfolded flats) or thick overnight diapers (such as the XL Geffen Baby Fleece Prefold) equally well. I particularly like the snapped covers because they keep the front of the diaper from rolling in at the top (as most hook and loop closure diapers do on my kids). The elastic at the tummy also kept the front of the cover from rolling out at the top and exposing the absorbent layers below (which is a problem I frequently have with my kids with any cover without a front flap). This ended up being one of the most versatile diaper covers in my stash, and I feel dumb for never having tried them sooner!

Tara & Carolyn's Top Picks - Thirsties Duo Wrap

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Diaper Safari One Size Diaper Cover

Why I Like It

Carolyn: When Tara chose the WolbyBug Diaper Cover as one of her 2013 Top Picks, readers mentioned that it had many features in common with the Diaper Safari OS Diaper Cover. Because I’d had such a great experience with the Diaper Safari OS Pocket Diaper, I decided to try it out. I still haven’t tried a WolbyBug, but this cover won me over with its fabulous fit (which is very similar to the fit of the pocket diaper) and its front and back flaps. This was a great cover for using with my beloved padfolded flats because the flaps held the insert in place (and they helped prevent wicking when the insert was too big on Emily and I was trying to smoosh it down in the front and back to fit underneath the cover!). It’s very trim for a diaper cover and the price ($8.95, though they are frequently sold as “buy 2, get 1 free” or occasionally even “buy 1, get 1 free”) is hard to beat! These ended up being some of my favorite daytime diaper covers. 

Note: Diaper Safari has let us know that they will be revamping this product, and that fans can expect to see the new OS diaper cover for sale in the summer. I’ve been told that the changes will be rather dramatic (but should add some additional awesome features!) so if you are interested in purchasing this cover, you’ll want to double check if it is the one I’ve used over the past year, or the new version!

Tara & Carolyn's Top Picks - Diaper Safari One Size Diaper Cover

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Grateful Buns Wool Soakers

Why I Like It

Carolyn: I dove into the world of wool shortly after Nathan turned 1 (when he began peeing through everything we owned). The first wool soakers I tried were a single layer of fabric, and I was disappointed that he still had leaks. I held off on trying wool again for a while because of the cost involved, but then heard about “upcycled” wool soakers (which are made from old wool sweaters, and are significantly cheaper than the fancier wool options). I headed to Etsy and eventually found my perfect product–Grateful Buns “underwater” wool soakers and longies, which have THREE layers of wool throughout the body of them (not just in the wetzone) and are cut specifically to fit over bulky diapers (the rise is extra high to provide full coverage in the front and back). They are also designed with the baby’s comfort in mind–the soaker is sewn with the seams on the OUTSIDE (so that they won’t press or rub against the skin) and the fabric against the skin is always soft and not scratchy (Nathan’s first pair of longies were made of CASHMERE! I wish I had cashmere pajama pants!) The soakers are available in a wide range of sizes, and the XL ones are now the ONLY diaper cover of any kind (wool or not) that will accommodate Nathan’s nighttime diaper. I use the soakers over ALL nighttime diapers as backup protection (if a pocket diaper is going to leak, I’d prefer the wool be there to soak it up than have to change the sheets in the morning!) They offer great customer service and a great product at a reasonable cost. I’ll be using these soakers and longies for overnight diapers on all my children (current and future!) 

Grateful Buns Wool Soakers

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We’d love to hear what YOUR favorite cover is. Have you tried any of these? Do you have another favorite one? Let us know in the comments, and then enter below for your chance to win our favorite items!

Please fill out our Cloth Diaper Covers Survey for all of the products you have tried. Later this year we will have our Diaper Awards event featuring the favorites of our readers based on responses to our surveys.

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  1. Jen H says

    I absolutely love my thirsties especially for newborns!!! and i love wool soakers like that. i have a few that i made similar to those and they are awesome. prefolds and covers are still my go-to even after 2 years!

  2. Heather Bessent says

    After having been a pocket diaper only kind of girl (namely fuzzi bunz) I finally ventured out to covers and flats with Flip covers. I’ve tried a few others (prowraps for nb, kawaii…) but I keep coming back to the Flips. Admittedly, I haven’t tried many others, but I’m always afraid to try something new when I have something that is working; though I realize something could work even better. With preparing to welcome my 5th anyday, and this being my first time with two in diapers at once, I really want os….and I’m clinging to my Flips harder than ever. Thank you for the review and giving me a little courage to try something new….. :)


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