What We Do

At Padded Tush Stats, we understand that diapers work differently for different baby types. So to help us get as accurate of a review as possible, we compile statistics based on surveys filled out by parents of babies with different body types, and then we sort the reviews by those body types.

We are also a large resource of information on all things cloth diapering: we have tables where people can pick the detergent that would work best for their conditions, a searchable database where people can find the best deal out there on the diaper they are looking for, as well as an abundance of articles on cloth diapering.

Honesty and Thoroughness Are Important To Us

Writing honest and thorough reviews is important to us. If a company sends us a cloth diaper, it doesn’t influence our review. Although we do feel it necessary to discuss the weaknesses of a diaper, we try to do it respectfully. We try to be as absolutely thorough as possible, trying the diapers in different conditions and troubleshooting any issues. You can find more information on our review process HERE.

Who We Are

Tara Porter10363922_10203024000055710_3126677121993811933_n

Tara began using cloth diapers in 2011 when she felt that using disposable diapers was costing too much money. The problem was, a lot of the highly recommended diapers weren’t working for her baby. What she finally discovered was that her baby was skinny and a heavy wetter, and that diapers worked differently for those baby types. Because of her professional work with survey design and statistics, she designed Padded Tush Stats as a way to determine how different cloth diapers worked on different babies.

Tara hired Carolyn in 2012 to help with various tasks, and in 2014, when she left PTS to pursue other career endeavors, Carolyn took the reigns.

Carolyn Russell10406465_10203049804184904_1817835909781924463_n

Carolyn was excited to start cloth diapering after the birth of her first child in 2011, but ran into problems finding something that would be leak-free on her very skinny baby. She first met Tara and heard about PTS when searching online for the best CD option for teeny thighs, and was immediately smitten with the concept. With a background in database management, data collection, and teaching, the site combined all of the things she liked best about her previous work experiences (charts! graphs! personalized education programs based on specific data!) and combined them with her new love (cloth diapers!)

Carolyn started working for PTS in June 2012 doing mostly behind-the-scenes work (updating spreadsheets, organizing data, etc.) and began writing diaper reviews for the site after the birth of her daughter in October 2012. She took over as PTS owner in August 2014 when Tara began a full-time job elsewhere.

When not working on PTS projects, she can be found blogging about health and wellness at Simply Sisters Health & Wellness and her life as a SAHM at Making It Work. She is also an Independent Health Coach for Take Shape For Life.

Carolyn can be reached by email at [email protected] or through any of the Padded Tush Stats social media profiles.



  1. Ana Guzman says

    I did to surveys, one for rumparooz pocket diapers and one for go green champs but I don’t see my code anni92092 on any, does this means they didn’t save?

    • says

      Are you talking about the codeword spreadsheet? Because that doesn’t get updated instantly, so we just might not have done the update since you did the surveys. But I checked, and they both did save :) You can always email us with any issues like that!

  2. Kate says

    Hi, I’m really interested in reading your article, The Ick And Eek of Cloth Daipering, but all I’m getting is an endless blank page when I try to scroll down (after the first 2 paragraphs). I was hoping maybe you could check it out? I’ll keep trying.

    • says

      The page seems to load fine for me – if you continue to have issues please feel free to email me ([email protected]) and we can troubleshoot it together!


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