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Cloth diaper sponsorship

Things you get from sponsoring at PTS:

  • Automatic inclusion in the Fluffy Favorites giveaway
    This ensures that regardless of ad click-through rates, people will “Like” your Facebook page or visit your site (your choice). For more details, please read our Fluffy Favorites Giveaway – Information and Instructions post.
  • Click and ad view tracking through the Passionfruit ad system
    See how many times your ad has been viewed or clicked on by visiting your Dashboard at Passionfruit (where you purchase your ad).
  • Optional 2 “Shout-outs” each month
    Email [email protected] with your exact text and which two social media outlets you would like us to post to (Facebook, Twitter, or Google+), and we will post if for all our readers to see. (Each shout-out includes two social media outlets, and can be done twice a month, for a maximum four mentions each month).
  • List of your News and Specials in a monthly blog post
    Click here to see a sample.
  • Long-term retailer sponsors (those who have sponsored for over 6 months): Quarterly Reports summarizing survey results to retailer survey. Here is an example of some of the contents of this report:Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 3.25.46 PM

(Note: Gold and Silver Featured Retailer positions are not eligible for the above benefits. Email [email protected] if you have questions).

 Stats on Padded Tush Stats
12,425 Facebook fans
4,378 Twitter followers
1,575 Pinterest followers
875 Instagram followers

Visits (April 2015): 22,427
Unique Visitors (April 2015): 17,119
Pageviews (April 2015): 34,501

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*In our statistics tables, we have a “Click Here to Buy” Feature. This links directly to a product on a retailer page. These links are updated every 6 months. We determine who we link to by rotating through all retailers (who have direct affiliate links to products) who have sponsored for 6 months. As of June 11, 2013, there were 437 clicks on the “Click to Buy” links over the last quarter.

** While we may have an affiliate account with your company, we will not use that url in an ad without your consent, as we respect that you may not want to be paying us both through an ad spot AND an affiliate spot. It will, however, remain present in the Retailer Database.

** If you have trouble viewing this page, please consider using a different browser (IE tends to have trouble displaying the ad store). You can also email [email protected] for assistance purchasing an ad. **


  • Tara is really easy to work with, and she makes sure to get your company plenty of social media exposure.  Our site statistics show an increase in new visitors referred from both the retailer database and our sidebar ads, and PTS visitors spend more time looking around in our store than some others…resulting in more sales!  PTS has consistently been one of our top 5 sources of website referral since we’ve started advertising with them.  Advertising with PTS was worth the investment for us! – Melissa at Bum Covered Diapers
  • I appreciate the opportunity to support the work of Tara and Carolyn through advertising. I enjoyed participating in their awards event as a sponsor and realized an immediate increase in followers before and during the event. With my continued retailer database sponsorship, I am seeing a gradual increase in newsletter subscribers. Tara and Carolyn are always a pleasure to work with. They are friendly and professional and I appreciate the dialogue they have with advertisers. I would definitely recommend advertising with Padded Tush Stats to other bloggers looking to gain exposure and support outstanding cloth diaper related information. – Mindy at The Inquisitive Mom

Padded Tush Stats cannot guarantee a specific number of Facebook “Likes”, store visits, or ad clicks. This information is presented only to give you specific information as to how we will promote your site and attempt to drive traffic to you. Traffic may be listed as coming from either PTS or Rafflecopter.

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