New Thirsties Newborn AIO Reveal (And Giveaway!) – Ends 2/7/15


When I attended the ABC Kids Expo in September one of the products I was MOST excited to learn about was Thirsties’ first ever NEWBORN diaper (because you know what is cuter than an itty bitty squishy diaper made by a company you love? One that is ALSO available in the cutest prints you’ve ever seen!). And as of today it’s finally available to purchase! The Thirsties newborn AIO has a very similar design to the OS AIO that was released last fall. The insert […]

Quick Tip – Cloth Diapering Doesn’t Have To Be All Or Nothing

Quick Tip - Cloth Diapering Doesn't Have To Be All Or Nothing

The cloth diapering community is a passionate one, which in many respects is a wonderful thing. If you’re interested in cloth diapering, there are PLENTY of parents who will be more than happy to talk your ear off about it! Unfortunately, sometimes this zeal can also be a curse. In their excitement to convert people to cloth, sometimes cloth and disposable diapers are presented as opposing options, and that’s simply not the case! No matter WHAT your reason for using cloth diapers is, the simple truth […]

Padded Tush Stats 4th Birthday – Year In Review

Padded Tush Stats 4th Birthday

This month marks Padded Tush Stats’ 4th Birthday, and in keeping with tradition I thought I would put together a snapshot of what 2014 held for PTS! (You can also view our THIRD, SECOND, and FIRST birthday celebration posts if you’re interested in a trip down memory lane!) Year Of Change The biggest (and most obvious) change at PTS this year was that Tara officially left her position at PTS in order to pursue other career opportunities. I like to think that the transition from a ship […]

January Fluffy Favorites Giveaway! $25 Gift Card – Ends 1/31/15

Fluffy Favorites Graphic

It’s a new month, which means a new chance to highlight our amazing site sponsors! Sponsors bring you amazing giveaways but also help cover the costs of running the site, so it’s important to us that everyone recognize their indirect contributions to your favorite content Hence, our Fluffy Favorites Giveaway! The entry options for this giveaway pertain to our current sponsors – if you win this giveaway you will receive a $25 gift card to whoever the company or retailer the winning entry option was […]

2014 Padded Tush Stats Diaper Awards Ballot

2014 Padded Tush Stats Diaper Awards

Voting Policies and Procedures Only one ballot can be completed per household. Companies are not allowed to vote for their own products/companies. Only products that are currently in production (i.e., have not been discontinued by the manufacturer) are eligible for votes. Please ensure that you use the full and correct name of any product that you write in. Programs and procedures are in place to eliminate duplicate survey and ballot submissions. Any ballot or survey submissions found to be duplicates or attempting to sway the […]