“If I Could Cloth Diaper TWO All Over Again”

If I could cloth diaper two all over again

This article is part of our “If I could cloth diaper all over again” series where we talk all about what we would buy if we could start cloth diapering all over again. This series includes posts from both of us on what cloth diaper products we would recommend if we could do it all over again, as well as the results from our “If I could cloth diaper all over again” survey completed by readers here at Padded Tush Stats. When I started cloth […]

Introduction to Cloth Diapering Video

intro to cloth

Cloth diapering can be SO overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. In this video, I give you the very basics of cloth diapering, including washing the diapers. Feel free to pin and pass along to friends: Here are some more of our articles on cloth diapering basics: Our complete dictionary with pictures Overview of Cloth Diaper Types The Ick and Eek of Cloth Diapering – A Post for Skeptics Answers to Common Cloth Diapering Questions Easy Four Step Washing Routine

New to Cloth Diapering? A Post and Giveaway from Thirsties

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you know that one of my favorite cloth diaper companies is Thirsties. They have amazing customer service (AMAZING) and their products are made in the USA. Plus, the products are pretty stinkin’ smart. You’ll see my review on the Fab Fitted here, the Duo Pocket Here, the Hemp Prefold Here, and right now I am working on the statistical review of the AIO (but you can see my video of it here). Their diaper cover was also […]

The Cons of Diapering with Cloth Diapers and Disposable Diapers

Cons of cloth diapering

Often times when I talk about cloth diapers, I want so badly for people to at least consider them that I worry that I gloss over the fact that yes, there are indeed cons to cloth diapering, just as there are cons to disposable diapering. I’ve heard from several disposable diapering friends that they feel cloth diaperers are SO excited about “converting” disposable diaperers that they seem to “fluff up” (pun intended) the benefits of cloth and exaggerate the cons of disposables. I’m not saying […]

Introduction to Cloth Diapering Videos

Cloth Diaper How To Videos

I wanted to take a second and round up some of the cloth diaper videos that I have made that provide some basic information about cloth diapers. Just a heads up, my FAVORITE one done ever is going to be released in about a month or so at Kellywels.com. I’ll be sure to link it here. Introduction to Cloth Diapering – This is a great video to look at if you are new to cloth diapering. You can also share this with friends. It gives […]