Homemade Baby Wipe Solutions

Homemade Baby Wipe Solutions

This page may contain affiliate links I’m all about cutting costs here and there, and making homemade baby wipe solution is a great way to save a couple of bucks while still leaving your little one’s bum smelling nice! I used to use plain water (which, don’t get me wrong, works just fine), but I [...]

How to Make Your Own Cloth Baby Wipes

Instructions for homemade cloth baby wipes

We get so much great advice from readers who make their own cloth diapering accessories that we thought we’d take a moment to share with you some of their suggestions on how to make homemade cloth baby wipes. It’s easy to do and can save you so much money (one reader, Christina S, was able [...]

Quick Tip – Saving Money By Using Flats


Flats are frequently mentioned when discussing economical cloth diapering options because they generally have the lowest cost per diaper change (if you make your own flats from receiving blankets or tee-shirts that you already own, they can even be free!) But I recently discovered that an additional benefit of using flats in place of other [...]

Buying Diapers on Deal Sites (Like Zulily, BabySteals, etc)

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When I posted on my Facebook Page asking for opinions on whether or not cloth diaper companies should allow deal sites like Zulily and BabySteals to sell diapers, I was surprised by the tremendous response from everyone. I was even more surprised by how divided everyone was on this issue. Therefore, I did what I [...]

The Hidden Costs of Cloth Diapering and Disposable Diapering

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My cousin, an avid couponer who has diapered her babies in disposable diapers for almost NO money (hi Tiffany!) raised a really great point on my site, suggesting that perhaps cloth diaperers are not completely upfront about the costs of cloth diapering a baby. We tend to focus so much on the cost of cloth diapers [...]