Padded Tush Stats Family Friendly Giveaway Linky

This is an ongoing linky, which means that submissions are constantly being accepted, and listings are deleted as they expire. Listings that do not follow these rules will be deleted at our discretion. 

  1. Submit the URL for your giveaway (and NOT the URL of your homepage). 
  2. Include the end date for your giveaway.
  3. Include who the giveaway is open to (US, CAN, WW, etc.)
  4. Prizes must be FREE for the winners (no shipping fees required).
  5. Prizes must be related specifically in some manner to children, parenting, or families.

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Padded Tush Stats Family Friendly Giveaway Linky


<div align="center"><a href="" title="Padded Tush Stats Family Friendly Giveaway Linky"><img src="" width="250" alt="Padded Tush Stats Family Friendly Giveaway Linky" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Looking for other places to submit your giveaways, or have a family friendly giveaway linky of your own? Below are some of the places we submit our giveaways to. Feel free to submit your own linky here, as well! (Linkys that are not family friendly or updated regularly will be deleted). 

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