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Would you like for Padded Tush Stats to post a review of your product?

We think far too many reviews go out there without the reviewer taking advantage of the wonderful resource of the DIAPER MAKER and his/her troubleshooting tips. That is why all of our reviews are sent to the companies first for any corrections, clarifications, or troubleshooting. We do not alter any of the opinions or photographs in the post unless there is an actual error. The company is welcome to include troubleshooting tips and their own images (which will be put in a “Comments/Images” from the company section). If it is any issue that requires additional troubleshooting, then we may of course alter that aspect of the review if we were able to sort it out by troubleshooting. If there is a defect with the product (for example, fixing any kind of defect such as broken elastic, broken snaps, etc.), then we will still include the issue that we had and discuss how the company responded to fixing the issue.

Another reason why you may want to have PTS review your product is because the review includes detailed, high quality photographs. Although the review is free and will post on our site, you can have digital copies of the images we use for your own business use for $30.

Review includes a written post on how we would fill out a survey based on how the diaper performed on our children. You can see a sample of a personal review here.

Giveaway Policy: If a company is willing to host a giveaway, we are willing to do so if also given the product to review. We do not have this as the SAME post as the review, since we feel that impacts the reliability of the review. Companies can chose of up to two giveaway entry options (for example, likes on Facebook, followers on Twitter, subscription to newsletter). When the review draft is sent to them, they will be asked (a) if they want to do a giveaway and (b) what entry options they would like (this policy does not apply to featured sponsors). Sponsors may not enter to win their own giveaway prize.

Timing of a PTS Review

** The policies below are effective for cloth diapers received for review as of December 3, 2012. We are working as quickly as possible to process all diapers submitted before this date. **

Our main goal at Padded Tush Stats is to be as thorough as possible, but we also want to respect the fact that companies want to get word out about their awesome product as quickly as possible. Therefore, we have established these policies for timing to ensure that you have your information published in a timely manner:

1. A draft of the Sneak Peek of the diaper must be sent to you within one month of us receiving the diaper (we will send you a confirmation receipt the day we received the diaper). **The Sneak Peek is only done for new products and you must notify us of your desire for this in advance**

2. A draft of the review must be sent to you within TWO MONTHS of receipt of the product (exceptions apply with Policy #3).

3. We will do our best to troubleshoot issues with you while using the diaper, but if you want us to troubleshoot an issue after we sent a draft, we will do so for TWO WEEKS and will then publish.

4. For a fee of $25, we can expedite the review process to ONE MONTH (if we could not get the diaper to work in this time, we refund you $20 and continue with the regular review schedule–our primary concern is to be thorough in our review so we will let you know if things aren’t working out).

If we fail to meet these deadlines, we will refund you the cost of the diaper.

It is most important to us to be as thorough as possible with the review, and this only serves to benefit a company because we put in every possible effort to fix issues before submitting the review. You can see our detailed review process HERE. But we also understand the need to have a review posted soon, so again, feel free to let us know if you have a time limit.

If there are enough survey responses for the diaper, we will do a statistical review instead. We also do a full statistical review of the diaper based on survey responses. You can see a sample statistical review here.

Withdrawing Publication of a Review…

Effective as of 12/8/13, if a company for any particular reason would like to request that we do not publish the review, they must pay an additional fee of $40 (or $20 to delay the review up to 1 month, unless otherwise agreed upon in advance). This fee covers the several hours of labor that go into our reviews as we photograph, edit, test, and write the post. Only the company which provided the diaper has the right to ask that we not publish a review.

Please email us at [email protected] if you are interested.


  1. Sarah says

    I really love the Softbums diapers. I have tried a couple other brands but have been won over with the performance, versatility and durability of this brand. Echo and Omni. I am pleased that I have not had to replace any of the Softbums diapers I have purchased and all have fit my little one from newborn to toddler and not only have they fit him without leaks, but they are still in EXCELLENT shape! A friend of mine purchased another brand of diaper for me when he was born and we used those MUCH less frequently and the velcro closures wore out and we had to throw them away maybe 6 months after using them. I am having another baby in a month and since my toddler is still using his Softbums, I ordered another set for my new little one. Can’t be more praise than that!!


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